Sheffield lawyer warns tenants to be alert to irresponsible landlords

SHEFFIELD, UK 19th December 2022- A local lawyer has urged domestic tenants to understand their rights and ensure that their landlords operate legally. Property disputes specialist Helen Laycock of PM Law in Sheffield has helped a number of clients recently with disputes over deposits at the end of their tenancies. 
The surge in demand for rented properties could mean more properties and landlords entering the market, potentially fuelling the problem further. Legislation to protect tenants in the event of a deposit dispute has been in place since 2007. However, that hasn’t stopped some landlords from trying to operate outside of the rules. 

Helen Laycock comments:

“If you’re asked to pay a deposit to a landlord for a tenancy on a domestic property, they have a legal obligation to deposit your money in a Government-approved deposit protection scheme within 30 days of receiving it. 

They must also provide you with written evidence that your deposit has been placed in such a scheme. Failure to do either of these things amounts to a breach of their duty towards tenants and could entitle you to compensation.”

Tenants are advised to ask their landlord at the outset how their deposit will be protected, and to ensure that they receive written evidence that it has been placed in a deposit protection scheme.  
Disputes over deposits are thankfully much rarer now, but should one arise, prompt legal advice can help prevent the situation from deteriorating further. 

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