Simple Hacks That Make it Easy to use Casters in Your Home!

The right chair, ottoman, or table can transform any room. But if you’ve ever tried to move one of these furniture pieces around your home, you may have discovered how frustrating it can be to move them over carpeting; they skid around, and it’s nearly impossible to pull them without making a terrible racket. That’s where casters come in.

Casters are the little spindles that are screwed into the bottom of furniture legs in place of traditional glides or wheels. From tables and couches to the kitchen and bedroom, you can use these casters almost everywhere to make it easier to move things in your home. Here are some innovative ways to use these casters in your home:

Chairs, Sofas, and Coffee Tables 

When moving a chair or a sofa, it’s easy to scrape the floor accidentally. To prevent this damage and to make furniture moving easier, consider using casters instead of traditional glides or wheels.

There are different caster styles to choose from, including plastic casters, and swivel casters, with locks and without locks. You can always find a manner that will work best for your furniture.

Bulky Dressers and Storage Furniture 

It’s easy to damage floors when moving big pieces of furniture, like dressers and storage units. Consider using casters to protect your feet and make moving these furniture pieces easier.

You can roll these pieces across your hardwood or tile with suitable casters without damaging your floors. You can always shop for casters at Caster Central and go through their wide range of casters.

Beds and Bedrooms

Bed frames are often bulky and heavy; they’re just as challenging to move as a sofa or dresser. But if you use powerful locking casters, it’s easy to move a bed or platform frame across the room. You can roll a bed frame from room to room or out the front door if you’re driving. However, make sure to use strong casters with heavy items.

Kitchen Islands and Barstools

Kitchens are often small spaces with narrow pathways for moving and storing furniture. But if you add casters to your kitchen island, barstool, or kitchen table, you can easily roll them on and off the shelves. If you don’t like putting casters on your kitchen table, consider adding rolling bases in place of legs to make your table easy to move.

Wheeled Storage

Bags and boxes can take up a lot of space in your garage, attic, or basement. You can roll them away from those areas with suitable casters to make more space for other items. If you want to keep your boxes and bags stored in small spaces, a rolling cart or rolling cabinet can help. You can also use plastic wheels with casters to convert folding chairs into carts for moving small items around the house.

Casters are an intelligent investment and a great way to protect your feet, whether you’re moving your furniture around the home or want a way to clean under your table quickly. You can go through different selections of casters and rollers to find the perfect match for you, whether locking casters for heavy items or plastic casters for lighter items.