Tips for Him: How to Improve Intimacy Between You and Your Partner

Intimacy is a key part of a romantic relationship, both physically and emotionally. It isn’t easy to be vulnerable with another person in this way, and a lot of people might find it difficult to build this connection with their partner. This can result in strains on a relationship, particularly if your partner feels you are shutting them out, or you may not be as invested in this relationship as they are. If your partner has expressed these concerns to you, or you can feel that there is a growing distance between you that you would like to remedy, here are some suggestions on how you can improve the intimacy in your relationship.

Start a Dialogue

It isn’t always easy to openly discuss these problems with your partner, and if you are struggling with intimacy, talking about your feelings might not come naturally to you anyway. This can also be hard if your partner is the one who doesn’t discuss their emotions often, as they might try to avoid these conversations. Nonetheless, if you want to improve your connection, you do need to have this kind of communication with each other. Try to start a dialogue with your partner about your concerns and your needs in the relationship, and allow them to share the same with you. Have this conversation in a safe space where you are both comfortable to make it easier.

Try to Have More Physical Contact

Sex is an important part of a relationship for a lot of people, but there are other ways you can encourage intimacy without engaging in sexual activity. For example, holding hands or offering a comforting hug can be a good way for you and your partner to feel closer. If your sex life has been under strain lately, small gestures like this could be a good way to start building that bond between you again. If you do happen to struggle with performance in the bedroom and this has caused a disconnect between you and your partner, you could always explore using medications like these tadalafil 20mg tablets or other methods to improve this.

Consider What You Need to Work On

A bit of introspection can also do a lot to help improve the intimacy in your relationship, so think about what you need to work on as an individual. You can take on board what your partner has said in your discussions, but also think about what you want to improve for yourself. The more confident and happier you feel about yourself, the easier you might find it to connect with someone more intimately. Speaking to a therapist can be a great way to get a fresh perspective outside of your relationship, as well as provide a safe, private space for you to explore your emotions and needs.

There are many other ways you can improve the intimacy between you and your partner, but these are all good places to start. If you do think you could use some additional help, consider attending couples therapy to start working through your issues together as a team.