CP (Carbon Pool) Concrete Consortium Strengthens Online Presence with a Newly Launched Website

TOKYO 30th January 2023  – A Newly Launched Website to strengthens online presence of NEDO Green Innovation Fund Project “Development of CARBON POOL Concrete with advanced CO2 utilization and implementation in pavements and structures” 

The CP Concrete Consortium is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website, (https://carbon-pool.com). The consortium is known for having a track record of running construction project that reuse waste materials to produce concrete that captures and stores carbon – effectively reducing the amount of carbon emitted during the construction phase and further absorbing carbon throughout the structural life of the building/pavements. The concrete used in our projects are known to be of cutting edge technology – with the ability to absorb carbon at the fastest and at the largest rate. 


The new website encompasses the release of a concept movie which embodies the vision, goal and the shared ideals of participating organizations in the consortium – all of whom share the mission of successfully driving progress towards a fully decarbonized society. The new website also features Project Overview Documents (available in English), Project Updates, Events Updates, and other News regarding the progress of the Consortium.  


Follow our website to keep track of the progress on how Japanese construction companies, with the help of field-leading researchers, are developing concrete as not only a carbon neutral material, but also using concrete as an effective carbon capture and storage mechanism (codenamed ‘White Carbon’). 


The CP consortium proudly and warmly invites you to explore the new website – to further expand your imagination on how concrete can be used to drive progress towards a decarbonized society.
The CP consortium member companies : 

HAZAMA ANDO CORPORATION/UCHIYAMA ADVANCE Co., Ltd. / OSAKA HYOGO CONCRETE INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION / Haiko Onoda Remicon Inc. / Taisei Rotec Co., Ltd./THE NIPPON ROAD Co., Ltd. / WATANABE SATO CO., LTD. / Asunaro Aoki Construction Co., Ltd. / ASANUMA CORPORATION / TOPY INDUSTRIES, LIMITED / Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry / The University of Tokyo / Tokyo Metropolitan University / National Institute for Environmental Studies / Meisei University 


About The CP consortium :  

The CP Concrete Consortium, consisting of 15 RRCS association member companies, has been granted funding of 80 million USD by the NEDO (The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization)’s Green Innovation Funding Program (Link : https://green-innovation.nedo.go.jp/en/). The Funding has been used to fund a construction project which utilizes ‘White Carbon’ concrete. The project is expected to run for ten years, with an estimated total expense of 90 million USD. This project is spearheaded by Hazama Ando Corporation. The project outline brief can be viewed here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iV2oUHqIECSv4bryoaZYVoBXiwFn7mnM/view?