Latest learning and development trends for 2023 show nearly 70% of UK workers considered changing careers last year.

Quadmark, a leading global creative training and learning company, has analysed 2022’s annual learning and development patterns to determine what is ahead for 2023.
The findings highlight the importance of investing in employee learning and development in order to retain top talent and drive business success. Companies that provide opportunities for their employees to learn and grow are more likely to attract and retain skilled workers, leading to increased market productivity, output, and competitiveness in 2023.
According to Quadmark, the most popular learning and development methods among UK workers included bitesize online courses, on-the-job training, and mentorship programs. Companies that offer a mix of these learning opportunities in 2023 are well-positioned to meet the needs of their employees throughout their entire employment.
Prioritizing employee engagement has also proven to be essential in the retention of employees. Embracing new AI and AR opportunities within training can help organizations create engaging onboarding experiences, such as a virtual tour of the company office for remote workers, and to bring essential workplace training to life.
“It’s clear that UK workers are looking for ways to advance their careers and improve their skills. Work is increasingly performed across functional boundaries, with job roles becoming more variable – meaning more diverse skills are required. Smart companies will take note and invest in their employees’ learning and development for the new year,” said Helen Earl, Quadmark CEO
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