Stefano Cilio Goes Gold, Platinum, Diamond

The italian music producer has been nominated “Diamond Producer” by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry

A lof of people have streamed Stefano Cilio’s songs in the latest years, from “Glance” to “Breathless”, “Tonight” and “Queen”. All of them have won a gold or platinum record in various IFPI markets, South Africa and Austria above all.

It is recent news that the decorated italian producer has been nominated “Diamond Producer” by IFPI for surpassing 10 career platinum records. His song “Breathless” was awarded 5 platinum records, “Glance” won 4 platinum records and a gold one, “Tonight” won 2 platinum records and a gold one, “Queen” and the album “Golden” were awarded one gold record each totalizing 11 platinum and 4 gold records overall.

He was granted a plaque for this overwhelming result, as he proudly showed on his super followed social networks, where he counts more than 300.000 followers (check his Instagram profile

Summing all songs he reached the milestone of 30 millions plays all over streaming platforms, making him one of the most successful current italian artists abroad. In his recent singles “Love” and “Leave” Cilio keeps his pop-dance mood that made him famous all over the world in the last two years.

Big news for an artist who was able to get to number 1 on Spotify and Shazam singles charts and recently on Apple Music album charts: his debut album “Golden” in fact went to the top of the electronic italian chart, leaving behind him artists like Bjork, Paul Kalkbrenner and Fred Again.

What’s next for the italian musician, radio speaker and book writer? In the meantime he can be listened on air on his radio shows on itaian national network Radio Cusano Campus, “Rit Parade Top 30” and “Rit Parade Day By Day”. The first one is the official italian popularity chart and considers all media including streaming, download and airplay, it airs every sunday from 9 to 11 am and it showcases the 30 most popular hits in Italy in a classic countdown from 30 to 1. The latter one is a show connected to the chart, it airs from Monday to Friday at 9 pm and showcases all the songs in the chart and future hits as well as past hits.

Past hits are covered by a feature called “Rit Back”, a time machine that goes back until 2010 and involves his audience through Instagram, making them choose the songs that were high in the “Rit Parade Top 30” in the past years. Starting March a new feature called “Mezzo Secolo di Ritornelli” showcases songs issued from 1990 on. The feature is named after his successful book, that was also featured in the popular TV show “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” hosted by former disc jockey Gerry Scotti on national channel Canale 5.

All podcasts are available at his website

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