Stunning new single ‘Everything We Know’ by Eliyanah is out now

Eliyanah, the infectious London based Indie Pop artist, has released her latest intimate offering ‘Everything We Know’ which takes audiences on a soulful & spiritual journey to delve into the painful struggle to recognise a relationships end, and the fear and sadness that the future that was planned is no longer going to happen.

“People change and so love never actually can stay the same. Recognising that amidst a relationship breakdown which once promised the world is hard to accept when you’ve given everything. Especially if promises have been betrayed.” Eliyanah shares

The song was co-written with Eliyanah’s brother Simon Woodley and brought to life with captivating production by Hugh Fothergill (David Gray), and mixed by James Birt (Callum Scott, James Arthur & Mimi Webb).

Acoustic feels build to an atmospheric chorus anchored by textural keys over soft beats juxtaposed to pulsing basslines and layered harmonies. Eliyanah succeeds at creating a nostalgic and introspective chamber of emotion that resonates with all who listen.