Irish Entrepreneur’s approach to strategy inspired by Neuroscience, is empowering women worldwide to build freedom-fueled businesses

Female entrepreneurs from around the world are invited to join a groundbreaking coaching event, which will support them in bringing the power of neuroscience to their selling. The Science of Selling, on April 5th, has been designed to empower women to take their businesses to the next level, smash through any ‘income ceiling’ they’re experiencing in their business, differentiate themselves from the competition, and create greater levels of freedom in their life.

Led by business strategist and neuroscience coach Gráinne O’Malley, the online event will offer a transformative workshop that pairs cutting-edge neuroscience research with business strategies to help female business owners unlock their full potential and thrive. Participants will gain valuable insights into how to optimize their mindset, communication, and decision-making, enabling them to achieve their goals with greater ease and bring more flow, freedom and fun into their business.

“Neuroscience is incredible when you pair it with your business strategy,” says Gráinne. “Not only does it help you to elevate your business to new levels of growth, but it also enables you to connect with your ideal clients on a whole different level. This event is all about supporting female entrepreneurs to create MORE revenue with MORE ease, and to live the extraordinary lives they imagine.”

In this 60-minute workshop, participants will learn how to:
Incorporate neuroscience tools into their business strategy, to boost their sales

Connect with their ideal clients on a deeper level, to create authentic relationships

Elevate their mindset to overcome challenges and setbacks

Unlock new opportunities for growth, revenue, and unlimited success

In addition to the workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A session with Gráinne and connect with other female entrepreneurs from around the world. A replay of the event will also be available for those who cannot attend live.

“This is a game-changing opportunity for female entrepreneurs to unlock their true potential, achieve unprecedented levels of success, and experience unparalleled freedom,” says Gráinne. “I’m thrilled to empower women to harness the power of neuroscience and elevate their businesses to heights they never thought possible.”


The event will take place on Wednesday April 5th at 4pm Irish Time, and will be hosted online. Tickets are available now at