SML and PervasID Team Up to Introduce High-Precision, Hands-Free UHF RFID Product Monitoring for Retailers

SML and PervasID have announced an exclusive partnership for the retail sector. SML is a global leader in retail RFID technology and solutions, while PervasID is the company behind innovative and high-accuracy UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader systems for automating inventory and asset tracking. The two companies will work together to offer a combination of PervasID’s passive RFID reader technology and SML’s Clarity™ enterprise software solutions to drive higher profits for retailers.

The adoption of item-level RFID solutions is rapidly growing, and a large portion of retailers are running on SML’s Clarity application platform. The addition of the disruptive PervasID technology to SML’s portfolio is expected to be a key part of servicing their customers with enhanced returns on investments.

Dean Frew, SML CTO, stated that the retail RFID market continues to demand innovations that serve customers more effectively. Frew added that there is a growing synergy between hands-free and handheld RFID solutions in stores and distribution centers, and PervasID’s technology is leading this innovation.

Dr. Sabesan Sithamparanathan, PervasID founder and CEO, expressed delight in combining their innovative technology with SML’s solutions, global network and scale to bring these innovations to retailers worldwide. Dr. Sithamparanathan said that accurately and cost-effectively managing products inside stores is the biggest challenge for all sizes and types of retailers. The combination of the offerings from the two companies delivers unparalleled hands-free, real-time visibility capabilities.

The results of this partnership will drive tangible improvements to the bottom line in the form of reduced losses, better stock management and insights, and more efficient e-commerce picking and packing. The companies are excited to see the response from retailers.