How to watch Boxing Canada: 2023 Pan Am Games Qualifiers, PPV Live Stream

Pan am boxing canada

We are getting closer and closer to the beginning of the domestic qualifying events for the Pan American Games! The National Sports Centre of Montreal will serve as the location for the event: Institut du Sport du Québec (INS)

The qualifiers will begin on June 20 and continue through June 23. The final day of competition will take place on June 23. There will only be one session each day, and it will begin at two o’clock in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time (EST).

The following provides you with all of the information concerning the competition that you require.

How to watch Pan American Games Qualifiers (Boxing)

Title event2023 Domestic Pan American Games Qualification Competition 

Tournament periodJune 19th-23rd, 2023

VenueInstitut du Sport du Québec (INS)

Address4141 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave, Montreal, Quebec H1V 3N7

PPV NetworkFITE 

Live Stream: Watch Live Here

The accreditation process, weigh-ins, and official draw & technical meeting are scheduled to occur at the INS located at 4141 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave, Montreal, Quebec H1V 3N7.

You will be able to purchase the sessions for each day at the following website, and there will also be a streaming service accessible for your viewing convenience. Checkout FitePass and start watching 

The Female boxers who will be in Action


  • Anne Marcotte
  • Grace Fanbulleh
  • Mckenzie Wright
  • Priyanka Dhillon
  • Nyousha Nakhjiri


  • Scarlett Delgado
  • Celeste Baillargeon


  • Marie Al-Ahmadieh
  • Jordyn Konrad


  • Garinder Takhar
  • Jessica Sparrow
  • Patricia Floyd
  • Jardlyne Benjamin


  • Sara Kali
  • Charlie Cavanagh
  • Jasmine Labillois
  • Natalie Fagan


  • Tammara Thibeault

The Male boxers who will be in Action


  • Justin Parina


  • Victor Tremblay
  • Esteban Rodriguez
  • Dalis Gures
  • Juan Luis Morales Petit


  • Wyatt Sanford
  • Jonathan Bourget
  • Keoma-Ali Al-Ahmadieh


  • Junior Petanqui
  • Hunter Lee
  • Kuwardeep Manu
  • Dylan Martin


  • Keven Beausejour
  • Harkerat Nijjar
  • Umar Carcamo


  • Bryan Colwell
  • Karl Deloys
  • Seamus O’Brien

92+ kg

  • Jérôme Feujio
  • Doni Foreman

2023 Pan am Boxing Qualifiers Schedule 

Monday, June 19

  • 6 pm – 7 pm: Team Accreditation & Daily Medicals & Weigh-In-INS
  • 7 pm – Boxing Canada Technical Meeting

Tuesday, June 20

  • 8 am – 9 am: Daily Medicals & Weigh-In-INS
  • 2 pm: Session 1

Wednesday, June 21

  • 8 am – 9 am: Daily Medicals & Weigh-In-INS
  • 2 pm: Session 2

Thursday, June 22

  • 8 am – 9 am: Daily Medicals & Weigh-In-INS
  • 2 pm: Session 3

Friday, June 23

  • 8 am – 9 am: Daily Medicals & Weigh-In-INS 
  • 2 pm: Session 4