Sump Pump Battery Backup: A Great Way to Keep Your Home Clean

A sump pump is a type of submersible pump that is used to remove incoming water that may penetrate the foundation of your home and lead to an overflow in the basement. This accumulated water could be the result of moisture, incoming rainwater, piping issues, or poor draining. You are more likely to come across such a situation if you’re living in an older home with a basement built below ground or if your residential area is known for heavy precipitation. 

Regardless of where you live, water damage is a real threat that every US household needs to be wary of. According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage affects nearly 14,000 US citizens every day![1] The best line of defense you can put up to prevent water damage is an active sump pump. 

However, like all machines, sump pumps can run into performance issues, too. A common issue is the lack of a battery backup. Therefore, our focus today is not on the pumping machine but on the sump pump battery backup that will ensure that your basement is not flooded with water even when the primate sump pump fails. 

What Is A Sump Pump Battery Backup? Why Is It Important?

A sump pump battery backup refers to a secondary system or device that provides an alternative power source or backup mechanism to ensure the continuous operation of a sump pump, even during power outages or primary pump failures.

In some cases, the backup could be a battery connected to an entirely separate sump pump system. It proves extremely useful when the main and backup pumps must work in unison to keep up with the heavy water inflow.  

What Are the Applications of A Sump Pump Battery Backup?

Sump pump battery backups have various applications and are particularly useful in situations where reliable sump pump operation is critical. Here are some common applications:

  • Power Outages

During power outages, the main electrical supply to the sump pump is interrupted. A battery backup ensures that the sump pump continues to function, preventing basement flooding even when there is no power.

  • Unreliable Power Supply

In areas with frequent power fluctuations or unreliable power grids, a battery backup provides consistent power to the sump pump, ensuring continuous operation and protection against flooding.

  • Primary Pump Failure

If the primary sump pump fails due to mechanical issues or malfunction, a battery backup system can act as a secondary pump, taking over the pumping duties and preventing water accumulation in the sump pit.

  • Extreme Weather Conditions

During heavy rainstorms, hurricanes, or other severe weather events, the risk of basement flooding increases significantly. A battery backup system ensures that the sump pump can handle the increased water flow and continue operating even during these extreme conditions.

  • Remote Locations

In remote areas where access to electricity is limited or unreliable, a battery backup provides an independent power source for the sump pump, offering protection against flooding without dependence on the electrical grid.

  • Vacation or Absence

A battery backup system offers peace of mind when homeowners are away on vacation or for an extended period. It ensures that the sump pump remains operational, protecting the basement from flooding while the occupants are absent.

Overall, the applications of a sump pump battery backup are focused on providing continuous and reliable operation of the sump pump, regardless of power outages, primary pump failures, or other circumstances that could jeopardize its functionality.

Are Sump Pumps Battery Backups Necessary For All Homes? 

Statistics present a rather stark image for homeowners, an estimated 98%[2] of homes will experience s water damage in their basements. You could be part of the 2% whose homes are secure, but this is not likely. 

Suppose that your home experiences a little rain, so you don’t see the need for a sump pump battery backup system. Even the smallest cracks in your foundations or problems with your piping could lead to groundwater or sewer water pouring into the basement. 

This can lead to extensive water damage, the potential for mold growth, and a hefty bill for repairs if you don’t have security measures in place. Most homeowners pay an average of $4,300[3] or more to repair a flooded basement. But with a quality sump pump system installed, you will have a reliable barrier that protects your home from costly water damage. 

Benefits of  Using A Portable Solar Charger as Your Sump Pump Battery Backup

Several benefits are associated with relying on a portable solar charger for your sump pump battery backup. 

  • Environmental Protection

Portable solar chargers are known to be extremely eco-friendly. They help homeowners avoid the use of fossil-fuel-based power sources. At the same time, they do not release any harmful gasses as a by-product of their operations or lead to any pollution. Sump pumps themselves also play a key role in ensuring that water collected by your sump pump is properly disposed of rather than overflowing into sewerage pipes. If this water is allowed to run free, it can seep into your surrounding environment and enter water bodies, polluting them, disrupting ecosystems, and harming the natural biodiversity. 

  • Cost Effectivity 

Portable solar chargers rely solely on the energy from the sun’s radiation to power your sump pumps. This energy is readily renewable and 100% free! The only costs homeowners have to bear are their initial costs of acquisition and setups. Even the maintenance costs are also heavily reduced since solar chargers do not have any moving parts.  All these accumulated costs still need to catch up to what it would cost to rely on fossil fuel or other power sources for your sump pump system. This is why portable solar chargers are considered the more cost-effective choice. 

  • Efficiency 

A sump pump system that relies on a portable solar charger will be much more efficient. Modern solar chargers have seen dramatic improvements over the past few years and can go a long way in providing you with the energy you need to keep your essentials running. 

While coal and natural gas could give off rapid power, they waste a lot of energy in the form of heat and release harmful by-products. Solar chargers are much more efficient and reliable, making them the superior choice. Suppose you live in a particularly sunny region. In that case, you may even switch to your solar charger to save costs and make your property more eco-friendly. 

  • Portability

Portable solar charges are known for their smaller built and lightweight materials design. You can easily carry them to your required destination and position with ease. Their setup is also particularly straightforward and can be done at home without needing a professional. 

  • Long Lifespan

Portable solar chargers are known for having extended lifespans. A typical solar charger could last you anywhere between 5 to 20 years, depending on your chosen supplier. This way, you can keep your sump pump running consistently without fear of failure. Most modern portable solar chargers also have built-in maintenance checks to inform the owner when there is a chance of failure or when your system needs a maintenance check. 

Where to Source A Reliable Portable Solar Generator?

Not all solar chargers are built the same. You need to select a reliable product that will offer you the consistent supply of power you need to keep your sump pump working efficiently. This is why we recommend using Jackery’s portable solar generators, one of the most reliable portable solar generators, as your sump pump battery backup.

The Jackery Solar Power Generator consists of solar panels and a portable power station. During the day, you should place the solar panels in a location with access to direct sunlight for absorption. The solar panels will convert this absorbed solar energy into electrical energy and store it within the lithium-ion battery. You can switch to this backup battery source when your primary power source fails to keep your sump pump running. 

Key Features of Jackery’s Portable Solar Generators

The Jackery Solar Generator features a lightweight, compact design certified IP65-IP68 waterproof and dustproof, so it continues to function well even when exposed to harsh weather. It features an aesthetically pleasing ergonomic design that is easy to carry and quick to set up. You can install the portable Solar Generator in just under 60 seconds!   

All Jackery solar generators are matched with stations with lithium-ion batteries. With a maximum battery capacity of up to 3024Wh, they can power up to 99% of outdoor appliances. In addition to the solar panel charging method, the power station can be easily charged through walls and car chargers.

Apart from the material design, Jackery solar generators have some incredible specifications. They have a wide operating temperature running from 14°F – 149°F. This means you can have your charging system running throughout winter and summer. At the same time, they are manufactured using monocrystalline solar cells and a honeycomb light-trapping design that can deliver a high conversion efficiency rate of up to 25%. For comparison, most residential solar panels have an efficiency of  15%-22%. 

The best part is that Jackery’s range of solar generators is available in various sizes and wattages, making it easy to find the right size for any application. Also, you can choose different solar panels to work with varying power stations.

What Benefits Do They Offer?

  • Fast Charging

Suppose you want a backup power station that can supply power quickly when needed. In that case, Jackery’s portable power generator will work wonders. A typical solar generator will recharge your batteries in 5 to 8 hours. On the other hand, a solar generator with Jackery solar cells can be fully charged in as little as 1.8 hours! They use state-of-the-art MPPT technology to ensure that 99% of the solar energy received is used effectively. 

  • High Safety

The Jackery solar generator features an intelligent BMS system and a pure sine wave inverter, providing 12 layers of protection for the charging equipment. An unrivaled cooling system and up to 9 temperature sensors ensure an industry-leading dissipation efficiency rate of 30%. 94V-0 fire rating and UL standard drop design also mean the product is highly robust. 

  • Portability

The foldable and portable design is more user-friendly regarding installation, portability, and storage. For example, the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro with the Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro power station weighs only 63.93 lbs, is 30% lighter, and smaller than comparable products. The small size means they aren’t simply suitable for emergency or home uses but are also perfect for the occasional outdoor endeavors. 

  • Low Maintenance

Jackery’s portable solar power generators are renowned for their efficiency and reliability but also have low maintenance requirements. Their solar generators can run for long periods of time without requiring maintenance. The low maintenance cost also results in users being able to meet higher power demands at an overall lower price. 

Your Home Needs A Consistently Operative Sump Pump

Sump Pump systems are an inevitable need for any home. Any home with an attached underground basement or crawlspace is always vulnerable to the threat of water damage. It could be due to leaky piping, draining issues, weather-related flooding, or rapid snow melting in the springs – there are several reasons your home could be flooded without warning. 

The smart choice is to invest in a quality sump pump system that protects your home and prevents future damages or losses. Of course, the sump pump on its own will only  do a little  good if you’re facing a power failure. 

This is where you must include a portable solar generator that can run continuously for long periods. Even if the power to your home is cut off without warning, you will always have a clean source of electricity that you can rely on. If you need help determining where to source your portable solar generator, we highly recommend you check out Jackery’s range of solar generators

About Jackery

Jackery, established in 2012, is considered one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor portable power stations. It has become a pioneer in the vision for making green energy easily accessible indoors and outdoors. They are also the first to develop an outdoor portable power station and the world’s first portable solar panels. 

With their range of portable power stations and solar panel systems, users all around the globe are able to experience uncapped limitless green energy that can power all their essential electronics, including the very necessary sump pump systems. With over 290 patents  and over 60 renowned international awards, they are at the forefront of innovative energy solutions in the 21st century. 

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