Travel for Foodies: Where to Have the Best Paella in Spain

Travel for Foodies: Where to Have the Best Paella in Spain

Spain, rich in culture, history and stunning landscapes, is also a paradise for food lovers. Among its many culinary delights, one dish stands out as an emblem of Spanish cuisine – Paella.

This iconic rice dish originated in the Valencia region and has become a beloved staple nationwide. For those who love food, embarking on a holiday in Spain, indulging in a hearty plate of paella is an absolute must.

This article will explore the best places to savor this delectable dish, each with its unique spin on the classic recipe.

Valencia – The Birthplace of Paella

When discussing paella, it’s impossible to overlook its birthplace – Valencia. Located on the eastern coast of Spain, this beautiful city offers visitors picturesque beaches and fascinating historical sites and is also the heartland of paella. The dish originated in the 19th century, making it the ultimate destination for paella connoisseurs.

You can visit the city’s iconic waterfront promenade and dine at a traditional beachside restaurant called Chiringuitos. These local gems serve up paella prepared with love and skill, using only the freshest ingredients like succulent rice, tender chicken, rabbit, snails and a fragrant combination of saffron and other spices.

Remember, in Valencia, they take their paella very seriously, and you won’t be disappointed with the mouthwatering flavors that await you.

Barcelona – Paella With a Twist

As one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations, Barcelona caters to diverse palates. While it may not be the birthplace of paella, one of the country’s most iconic dishes, Barcelona offers a unique twist to this traditional dish. Many restaurants in the city put their creative spin on paella, incorporating seafood like prawns, mussels, and squid to create a mouthwatering seafood paella.

The proximity to the Mediterranean Sea ensures the freshness of the seafood, making it a delightful culinary experience for seafood enthusiasts. For those seeking innovative variations, Barcelona’s paella scene presents a fusion of flavors that showcase the city’s vibrant culinary scene.

Alicante – Coastal Gastronomy

Nestled on the southeastern coast of Spain, Alicante boasts stunning beaches and a strong culinary identity centered around paella. Here, the dish often features a seafood medley, reflecting the city’s proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. Alicante’s version of paella typically incorporates ingredients like prawns, clams, and a local delicacy known as “calamar de potera” – a type of squid.

The dish is further enhanced with a dash of paprika, providing a mild smokiness that complements the seafood flavors. Many beachfront restaurants in Alicante offer the perfect setting to enjoy a plate of paella while taking in the picturesque views of the Mediterranean coastline.

Madrid – The Paella Diversity

While Madrid may not have a coastal advantage, the city more than compensates for it with its eclectic paella offerings. As the bustling capital of Spain, Madrid attracts visitors from all over the world, leading to a diverse culinary landscape. Many paella varieties are here, from traditional Valencian Paella to innovative interpretations.

Many restaurants in Madrid put their unique spin on the dish, experimenting with different ingredients and regional influences. Head to the “Casa de Valencia” restaurant to taste traditional paella, which maintains an authentic Valencian dish preparation approach. In Madrid, Paella becomes a melting pot of flavors, catering to the tastes of locals and tourists alike.

Seville – Rustic Charm

Stepping into the charming city of Seville feels like taking a journey back in time, and its cuisine reflects that rustic charm. Paella in Seville is typically cooked over an open flame, giving it a distinct smoky flavor that sets it apart from other regions. Often prepared with rabbit, chicken or pork, Seville’s Paella embraces hearty and robust flavors.

One must-visit spot for Paella in Seville is El Rinconcillo, the city’s oldest restaurant, where you can experience the traditional preparation of this delectable dish. Enjoying a plate of paella in the shadow of Seville’s historic landmarks, such as the Alcazar or the Giralda, adds an extra layer of magic to the dining experience.


Spain’s diverse regions offer their unique take on paella, making it a culinary adventure to explore the country. From the authentic flavors of Valencia to the innovative variations in Barcelona and the rustic charm of Seville, every paella experience celebrates Spain’s culinary heritage. Each region offers its unique take on this beloved dish, making it an essential part of your travel itinerary.