How To Get The Cheap Skip Hire For Your Hospitality Business?

As a hospitality business owner, you deal with unusually high volumes of rubbish and waste on a daily basis. From food scraps to packaging materials to broken dishware, it piles up fast. Hiring an overpriced skip rental can seriously cut into your hard-earned profits. Follow these strategic tips to secure cheap skip hire like AotSkipBins rates tailored for high turnover hospitality sectors like hotels, restaurants, cafes and event catering companies.

Right-Size Your Skip Bin

With mountains of daily trash to take care of, your first instinct may be to order the largest 10 or 12 cubic yard mega skip available. Fight the urge. Oversized skips cost more per day in rental fees which adds up quickly. Audit your actual waste volumes first, then select a smaller container that properly aligns with your needs. Event venues filling up after a one-day occasion can opt for a mini 2-4 yard skip. Restaurants may need a daily pickup midi 4-8 yard skip to handle routine kitchen rubbish. Right-sizing reduces unused capacity that you still pay handsomely for.

Leverage Multiple Smaller Skips

For hotels and large restaurants producing copious waste across different areas, consider using multiple smaller skips for more economical waste segregation. Position bar/dining waste skips separately from kitchen or housekeeping waste skips. Breaking up your rubbish into dedicated streams lets you tailor each skip size just right without any overflow or wasted space. You save on daily, weekly or monthly rates by avoiding mammoth one-size-fits-all containers. Efficient waste sorting also maximizes the recyclable/reusable component so less waste ends up in landfills.

Negotiate Contracts for Recurring Service

Unlike one-off home or office jobs, hospitality sectors need reliable skip waste solutions day in and day out. This repetition gives you negotiating leverage for cheaper pricing through recurring service contracts versus per-gig rentals. Approach your skip hire company with expected weekly volumes and lock down discounted contract rates for routine scheduled swap outs lasting 6 or 12 month terms. Consistent business makes it worthwhile for them to cut you a bargain bulk customer deal with smaller profit margins per pickup.

Take Advantage of Low-Traffic Days

Schedule skip exchanges and waste clearance for slower business weekdays rather than high turnover Friday, Saturday and Sunday periods. Customer demand drives pricing so slower days mean better deals. For restaurants, aim for Monday through Wednesday for the cheapest skip haul rates. Hotels and event venues may find discounts on Sundays when guest occupancy is lower between checkout and check-ins.

Explore Shared Skip Options

For hospitality businesses located in close proximity, explore money-saving opportunities through shared skip rental and waste disposal partnerships. Band together with neighboring cafes, bars, takeaways and hotels to split costs for an extra-large shared skip placed in a mutually convenient area. Coordinate waste drop-offs and timeline usage terms. Then split the daily or weekly shared skip fees evenly among all participating businesses. You’ll enjoy the large capacity at a fraction of standard individual rental rates. This creative strategy amplifies savings especially for small businesses through collaborative consumption


In the relentless hospitality sector, rubbish removal amounts to a significant overhead bite. But some strategic planning around properly sized skips, waste sorting, long-term contracts and off-peak timings can lead to massive savings on your waste disposal. Now you can redirect those extra funds where they belong – towards improving your core hospitality offerings and delighting customers.