Pigeon Control Products That You Should Try

Are you sick of pigeons nesting on your window ledges or rooftops? Are you tired of cleaning pigeon droppings from your property? Do you want to get rid of them without killing them? Here are some proven pigeon control methods that you need to know.

There are Long-Term solutions and Short Term Solutions to get rid of them: 

  • Long Term Solutions:

Long Term solutions aren’t going to affect the irritating flock on your rooftop. But they sure are as effective. These will rid you of the menace once and for all. You would be surprised to know that pigeons have a short average life span of three to five years.

In case you haven’t guessed yet, these are the birth control medications that you could give to your uninvited guests. This is my favorite solution, as it is guilt-free since you do not cause any harm to these birds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  • Short Term Solutions:

Short Term solutions are the immediate actions you can take. These will affect the pigeons that are currently haunting you.

Instruments for Long Term Pigeon Control:

  • Contraceptive Baits

You will find various birth control baits for pigeons such as OvoControl P. Some reduce the hatching capability of pigeon eggs to stop them from breeding. For best results, use it before the breeding season.

  • Food Reduction

Research shows, pigeons roost where there is ample food. They have adapted to a wide variety of food sources. Avoid feeding them yourself and prohibit bird feeding on your property. Do not throw food around.

Instruments for Short Term Pigeon Control:

  • Pigeon Spikes

By far, the most humane instrument for short term pigeon control seems to be pigeon spikes. Although they are sharp, they do not harm the birds. They merely act as a solid barrier that prevents the bird from landing.

In my experience, these have proved to be most effective. So, get smart and keep them away before they invade your property. But beware; install spikes in places unreachable by kids and pets.

  • Bird Netting

Bird netting is another humane method. However, it would prove to be quite expensive. Therefore, if you’ve got your pockets full, go ahead and install some bird netting around your house and take a sigh of relief.

  • Bird Coils

Bird coils are just as humane as Bird Spikes. Invisible from a short stretch, they are completely harmless for the birds. They rob the pigeons of the solid landing ground. It is thus keeping them away for good.

  • Bird Deterrent Flags

This is a simple solution to a huge problem. These flags swing and scare birds making Pigeons avoid landing, thus eliminating your troubles.

You can get creative and try different combinations.

  • Bird Repellent Gels

If there’s one thing Pigeons hate, it is to feel trapped. The gel makes the surface of your ledge sticky. Once they land on it, they will have to make an effort to even walk up the aisle. The chances are that they would fly off immediately, leaving your property far behind.

Get chemical-free Repellent Gel if you are a nature lover. Additionally, these repellent gels are invisible. Thus, unable to ruin the outwards appearance of your house.

  • Bird Predators

This is the only violent method, which is also guilt-free. It is natural for cats to prey on pigeons. So, go ahead and get some pet cats. That is if you like them. They would not just make your house a home but also make you pigeon-free.

  • Bird Spiders

If you want pigeons to stay away from your rooftops, install some Bird Spiders. Bird Spiders, also known as ‘Daddy Long Legs,’ have long arms that swing and bounce in the wind. They scare the birds away. They come in various materials. Like plastic, stainless steel, etc., and is ideal for your air conditioning unit.

  • Bird Repellent Disks

Birds hate moving objects that reflect. You could install Bird Repellent discs at places inappropriate for the bird spiders. These sure would keep the flock away. Moreover, Repellent disks are environment friendly too.

  • Supersonic and Ultrasonic Bird Chasers

The supersonic and ultrasonic bird chaser broadcasts sound for a couple of minutes. These sounds recur after every 10 minutes or so. Their primary purpose is to alert the birds of possible danger in the area.

Birds have instincts. The natural danger signals or hoots are transmitted by this device, courtesy of the zoologists’ efforts. It covers a vast area of 1 acre to keep uninvited birds away.

  • Bird Shock System

Bird shock system consists of wires that work electronically. Nowadays, you can also get solar-powered shockers. They dispense a low voltage shock, not very harmful for the birds. It just scares them away.

Bird Shock systems, like dog shock fences, are very effective. They come in a wide variety of materials and styles.

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