Effective Rubbish Removal Helps Keep Toys Out of Landfills

The toy industry is worth about $20 billion. Each year, this figure continues to grow. While it is good for business, the toys are some of the biggest causes of pollution. They fill up a huge part of the landfills, which means new ones have to be found. Toys are made of mainly plastic. Besides that, the life term of a toy is less than that of the average home item made of plastic. Most toys never last more than a few months before breaking or a child losing interest in them.

Toys are Hard to Recycle

If you often use rubbish removal services such as Clearabee, you might assume that recycling toys will be easy. However, toys are much harder to recycle. Most toys are mixed in with wood or metal, which makes it complex and expensive to separate them. Thus, rubbish removal companies send them to landfills.

Toys are made of plastic that is not accepted by most recyclers. To decide which plastic your toy is made of, check for a triangle at the bottom of the toy. The plastics that are easy to recycle are PET and HDPE. However, most toys are made of LDPE and PVC.

Most toys are made on more than one plastic. Thus, it has to be separated before recycling. As such, many recycling centres avoid toys. However, this is all changing in the UK and elsewhere, rubbish removal companies and recycling centres are working together to ensure more toys are recycled. Some of the current efforts that can help to reduce the toys going to landfills are:

Buy Legacy Toys

The best way to ensure toys do not need to visit a landfill is to buy high-quality toys. These toys can then be passed down the generation. Many toys are made using sustainably harvested wood, natural rubber, and metal are built to last for years. Children would love to hear stories about how their toy has been in the family for years. They will bond with the toy with ease due to the family connection.

Take the Toy to WEEE Recycling Centres

WEEE, which means waste electric and electronic equipment, specializes in electronic waste. No matter where you live in the UK, there is a WEEE recycling centre near you. It will ensure that the toy is broken down properly and all the parts recycled.

Give Used Toys to a Charity

Hospices, children hospitals, libraries, community centres, day-care centres, and schools will all take your toys. They will all extend the life of a toy and keep it off the landfills. Donate them to any course you care about and keep the environment clean. If a charity will not take used toys, you can always find one that will.

Hire Rubbish Removal Services with Clearabee

While most recycling centres will reject toys, there are those that will accept them, and Clearabee know where to find them. The company will make an effort to get them there and find places where the toys can be resold. The company is private, and it will offer its rubbish-handling services to you upon request. Most UK local councils put in less effort than the company when it comes to clearing rubbish. One reason is that they do not have enough resources. For easier handling, always indicate that you have a bag full of old toys when handing over rubbish to the guys. It ensures they are able to send the rubbish to a recycling centre that will accept it. The company prides itself in being environmentally conscious; they ensure that up to 90% of all rubbish they handle does not end up in a landfill.







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