Here’s how DeepGreen Metals are helping us transition towards a cleaner, greener future.

DeepGreen Metals is a company that explores the ocean’s seabeds, harvesting important earth metals that are needed in their billions of tonnes to power battery technology. It’s this that’s leading us towards a clean, greener future without fossil fuels, and to get us to that point, they’re on a big mission to do it without impacting negatively on the environment.

The startup company have put their money where their mouth is, investing a whopping 60 million USD into research and development, with the express aim of keeping environmental impact to an absolute minimum. And to help in the fight, they’ve teamed up with over 100 of the world’s top research scientists who are set to uncover new insights that will have far-reaching applications.

DeepGreen have got an esteemed collective of the brightest minds together, pulling talent from the UK National Oceanography Centre, Natural History Museum (London), University of Gothenburg, University of Leeds, Heriot-Watt University — the Lyell Centre, Florida State University, University of Hawaii, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, and Texas A&M.

This huge undertaking will help discover how to extract minerals from the surface seabed without harming the environment, and will have many benefits far beyond those for those harvesting the minerals. The mission is to ensure minimum disruption to the ecological surroundings, and set new industry standards for other companies to follow with best practices going forward. They’ll be using a whole host of advanced equipment to get them to that point too, from ROVs and nets, to sail drones and sophisticated sensors and moorings

DeepGreen’s investment is no flash in the pan token gesture either. The money they have provided will kick-start a multi-year, integrated research program that will characterize the marine environment and species from the seabed of the abyssal plain up through the water column, to the surface of the ocean, studying everything from microbes to whales. Plus with full transparency as standard, all their findings will be shared with the international community, with samples collected from the deep sea being sent to labs around the world for analysis. This undertaking is set to advance the wider fields of ocean science, medicine and technology in a big way. 

DeepGreen’s Chief Ocean Scientist, Dr Greg Stone, is excited at what this big project will discover that’s of benefit to the world:

“This is a collaboration of the best minds in ocean science coming together to answer many important questions about deep-sea ecosystem function and connectivity throughout the water column. The program will enable DeepGreen to put forward a rigorous, peer-reviewed environmental impact statement to the International Seabed Authority, setting a high bar for this new industry.”

The big transition to a clean, green future is already well underway, and with DeepGreen’s collaboration marking a milestone in the research into deep-sea mineral collecting for a sustainable future, the road ahead looks bright. 

Source: Pressat