15 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Beginners

Finding the right corporate mailing ideas when you’re a beginner in the game is not the easiest task. In fact, the b2b market can be tough and you need to make sure to come up with successful direct mail campaigns to attract as many clients as possible.

Whether you’re a beginner or you don’t know where to start creating direct mail campaigns, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will list the best corporate gifts for clients and the best corporate mailing ideas for beginners so that you won’t need to spend your days thinking about them.

From small goodies to more premium items to employee swag kits and attractive products to make your campaign work, we’ve got you covered. These freebies and corporate gifts are great to advertise your brand, as an employee anniversary gift or simply to market your business offline.

Tcho 81% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar – $4.39

Fantastic b2b direct mail idea to advertise your business the right way. Chocolate is a simple but powerful and delicious way to please clients without breaking the bank. Mail it, give it as a freebie at entrepreneur’s events, or simply offer it as a gesture after a sale.

Custom Enamel Mug $12

This is a personalized corporate mailing idea that would please anyone. You can customize it with your logo, slogan, and your business name. Everyone needs a mug at the office or when working from home, so rest assured that your clients will like it. It will certainly help to make your campaign successful.

Branded SOMA Glass Bottle 17oz – $30.00

Everyone needs water when working as it can increase productivity. For this reason, mailing a water bottle with your brand is a good idea to remind your potential clients of your business al day long. This is one of the best and most creative b2b direct mail ideas for your business.

Kiko Leather Cord Organizer – From $7.00

If there was one useful freebie to include in your direct mail campaign, this cord organizer would definitely be a good candidate. It looks professional, it feels premium, and it definitely gives a good first impression to clients. Your potential customers will use it on a daily basis and definitely remember your brand!

Art of Tea Egyptian Chamomile – $10.00

Chamomile is a great plant that provides many health benefits. It can boost immunity and reduce muscle spasms and reduce stress. Because of these reasons and since the box looks premium, it is a fantastic corporate freebie to offer to your potential customers and make a successful direct mail campaign.

Tile Pro Series – $35.00

Locate your device, your wallet, your folder, and more with this Bluetooth tracker from Tile. We think it is one of the best corporate mailing ideas. You can stick your business logo or brand on it and that will be good to be sent. Due to its tech touch and professional look, we agree that it should be part of the best direct mail campaigns in 2020.

Custom Taskpads

A custom taskpad is an extraordinary and practical object that can please everyone from businessmen to busy ladies. Adding your brand and logo to a taskpad will especially be great to be remembered and leave a good first impression as a b2b direct mail idea.

Personalized Corkcicle Classic Stemless Wine Cup – $24.95

Although the Corkcicle stemless cup was initially designed for wine, it is nonetheless an amazing and innovative marketing idea to give a good impression to your future audience. It has a beautiful design, it’s available in different colors, and keep drinks cold and hot for hours. Whether you give it as a freebie or in an employee kit at a corporate event, everyone will be pleased.

Flight 001 Spacepak Toiletry – $45.00

This toiletry bag from Flight 001 is handy, can be used in multiple situations, and can be please both men and women. Whether your clients are the type of people that often go on a business trip or around town to visit their customers, this item will definitely help them store their belongings.

For all these reasons above and more, it is one of the items to include in successful direct mail campaigns.

Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Medium Hardcover Notebook – $19.95

We get to one of the most essential and useful items to have at the office or when visiting clients around town. This notebook from Leuchtturm looks professional and will certainly help. You can add a custom cover or sticky note with your brand or logo and it will make it even more unique for your direct mail campaigns in 2020.

Find Orbit Tracker – $34.95

Another Bluetooth tracker to add to this list is the Orbit Tracker. The reason why it is such a good freebie idea is that it’s extremely convenient and practical when forgetting small things around like keys, purse, or more. All in all, it is one of the best corporate mailing ideas to impress your new potential clients.

Vitruvi Diffuser – $119.00

Having a perfumed office or home when working remotely is an aspect of our business life that many underestimate. In fact, if you want your clients to have a pleasantly perfumed workplace at any time of the day while having your brand in mind, this is what you’re looking for.

Incase City Compact Backpack –

This compact backpack from Incase is one of the best items to carry a laptop, headphones, and much more around town. In addition, your audience will be able to carry gym clothes which is handy when working out after their shift. While it’s a more premium idea, it is definitely going to give the wow factor and make them remember your business from the beginning to the end of the day. What else would you need from a corporate mailing idea?

Custom Key Chain

A custom chain is one of the perfect corporate mailing ideas to be remembered throughout the whole day, and that’s exactly what you would want from your direct mail campaign in 2020. House keys, locker keys, or even car keys are some of the items that we use the most during the day. So take advantage of it and write your slogan, your brand name, and mail it to potential customers with a business card and an email, and let the magic happen.

Custom Sticky Notes $6

Other than a notebook at the office, mailing custom sticky notes is a great way to advertise your brand around without breaking the bank. In fact, sticky notes can help writing things to do, recall important meetings, or simply help remind passwords. Customize them with your main services, your address, contact details, and a call to action. This is a creative and powerful item to add to direct mail campaigns in 2020.