Remote Work Businesses Thriving

Over the past two years there has been a major change for many businesses around the world to incorporate remote working opportunities and all of the flexibility that comes with that – resources like those found at DNW have been able to provide plenty of information for those looking to make the change, including the businesses that have been able to thrive from the change. Whether it’s looking for opportunities to change career or looking for more flexibility, which businesses have been able to handle the remote work change the best?

Marketing has been one of the big ones in all forms – social media marketing had already been seeing impressive numbers anyway and was always once that could be done in a remote way, but with temporary closures and re-openings for many businesses as a whole it has been a great opportunity for marketing to thrive in a bigger way. The comfort of remote meetings and conferences through platforms like Zoom has also helped to bring this change too, and marketing as a whole looks to remain firmly online and provide remote workers and location independent businesses with a unique opportunity not entirely afforded to all businesses.

The same is also true in a more technical sense for jobs like software development too – these businesses have also typically had a strong support for remote working even prior to these past two years but the major change has cemented perhaps a more permanent change for a large number of workers too. As an industry that has relied on remote work for quite some time it’s unlikely there will be any change in the reverse, particularly as the industry continues to push and show a way forward for remote working as a whole.

It’ll come as no surprise that different commerce options are topping the lists too, e-commerce as a whole has only been growing over the past two decades but the past two years have helped to grow opportunities further with new marketplaces for different niches and more familiarity with platforms too – many businesses have made the adjustment to online commerce too shifting away from traditional brick and mortar platforms, and has led to an opportunity for individuals to thrive with online stores through homemade goods and services as well as for large business too – platforms like Fiverr have helped individuals turn their own career into an online commerce option too.

Remote only looks to grow further, and with the potential for a four-day working week in business too work will see plenty of change in the future – as well as the opportunity for different types of business to emerge in the remote space.