Rejuv Medical Announced Official Healthcare Provider Of Ben Leber

Edina & Waite Park, MN Rejuv Medical is proud to announce that they have been selected as the “Official Healthcare Provider Of Ben Leber”. The retired NFL player and media personality uses Rejuv’s holistic and whole healthcare approach in using clean supplements, optimization through balanced hormones, specialized IV therapies, and regenerative treatments, including treating Ben’s knee pain with stem cell therapy and addressing his food sensitivity due to leaky gut.

“Don’t just slap a band-aid on what ails you. Get to the root of the problem and fix it at Rejuv Medical.” – Ben Leber

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About Rejuv Medical: Our mission is to restore health worldwide. We do this by restoring the body through evidence based treatments that reverse the impact of disease and degeneration, without prescription drugs or surgery. Our whole healthcare approach incorporates regenerative and functional medicine, physical therapy, primary care, nutrition and fitness to bring about lasting and balanced health and wellness.

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