The Electric Revolution of the Classic 80s BMX Bandits Bike

Evolve Unveils Project BMX: A Groundbreaking Blend of Electric Advancements and Genuine BMX Legacy

Evolve, a trailblazer in personal electric mobility, proudly presents Project BMX. This groundbreaking initiative fuses the nostalgia of 80s BMX bikes, immortalised by the classic film, with cutting-edge electric technology. The electric BMX, sporting a sleek 24-inch frame and iconic Skyway Tuff wheels, rekindles childhood dreams with a modern electric twist. Over 14 years, Evolve has honed its expertise in electric skateboards, now culminating in their inaugural electric bicycle.

Jeff Anning, Evolve’s founder, shared his vision: “We’ve been making awesome electric skateboards for a long time as we’ve got a good 14 years under our belt now. And I’ve always been thinking, if ever we were going to do something different, what would the product be? We’ve done a couple of other secret projects on the side. We feel like a really cool retro-looking BMX suits Evolve’s ethos.”

The essence of BMX is meticulously preserved by Evolve, with a seamless integration of the battery within the saddle and incorporation of a potent Bafang M560 Mid Drive Motor. Jared Gilsenan, Industrial Designer at Evolve, emphasised the commitment to authenticity: “It has all the adjustability and movement and feel of the traditional bikes. So despite the fact we put a battery in there, we haven’t compromised on the saddle itself.” This meticulous design results in a sophisticated, yet true-to-origin, BMX look, complete with the agility inherent to a classic BMX.

Project BMX Key Specifications:

  • Range: Up to 60km/37 Miles With Pedal Assist
  • Speed: Up to 36kph/23mph Pedal Assist + Throttle
  • Motor: Bafang M560 Mid Drive Motor
  • Battery: 36V 9.6 AH SAMSUNG 48X 21700
  • WH (Watt-Hour): 345.6 WH
  • Charge Time: 3 Hours
  • Frame Material: Chromoly
  • Weight Limit: 130 kg
  • Saddle Material: Nylon + Carbon Fiber
  • Wheels: Spoked 24”/Skyway Tuffs 24”
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disk 160mm 24” (front V brake on Skyway)

Innovative Battery Design

Project BMX introduces a unique 36V battery system, developed in partnership with VELO. The saddle houses this innovative system, offering easy battery replacement and extended range without sacrificing the classic cruiser frame look.

Jared Gilsenan elaborated: “In the last 18 months, we had a new saddle design prototype coming out every month. We spent a lot of time playing with that shape in those contours, making sure that it wasn’t grabbing in any area, but you could still fit a battery underneath.”

Why Opt for a Mid Drive Motor?

Project BMX employs a centrally mounted Bafang M560 motor, enhancing weight distribution for smoother handling and pedal assistance. This design overcomes the limitations of additional rotational mass on the rear wheel, ensuring a quieter, more efficient ride with maximised range.

A Nostalgic Journey

Skyway Tuff Wheels play an integral role in the BMX retro movement, adding to Project BMX’s allure. The bespoke hub mount is designed to accommodate a disk rotor seamlessly on Skyway Tuffs, merging timeless style with modern functionality through the option of a rear disk brake. Project BMX invites riders to relive cherished memories with a blend of innovation and nostalgia.


Project BMX is now open for pre-order via Evolve’s official website: