Fantastically Fun Games to Occupy Your Time

Gaming is a brilliant way to keep yourself entertained and relaxed, which is one of the reasons why they are the most widely enjoyed form of entertainment. However, gaming refers to more than just video games.

In fact, once you push further into the different kinds of gaming, you might find that there are certain variations of games that are far better suited to your interests. With this in mind, it’s time to take a closer look at the incredible games available in the modern day.

Video Games

More often than not, this is how people will start with gaming as a hobby, and for good reason. Video games are extremely entertaining and easy to engage with; they offer a wide range of options for what you want to play and are often packed with amazing features and stories.

The range and depth of video games are nothing short of astounding. From casino classics in the best online casino Australia has to offer to multiplayer extravaganzas like Fortnight, there is no shortage of variation and innovation available from video games.

Board Games

On the other hand, board games are the underappreciated cousins of video games. These, too, offer some fantastic experiences, allowing you and a group of friends to engage with anything from convoluted mouse trap composition to a competitive push into the horrors of capitalism – Monopoly, for instance.

Jokes aside, board games provide some interesting and entertaining concepts, and they do so in truly innovative ways. Games like Wingspan and Villainous show the amazing potential of this medium, and its heavy focus on playing with others means that board games will always push you to spend time with the people you love – that’s a good thing.

The social aspect of board games is also one of their best features, not to mention the fact that they are a brilliant way to entertain yourself without the need for any technology. This means that board games can give you some much-needed screen breaks from the ever-expanding reach of tech.

Pen and Paper Games

Last but certainly not least, pen and paper games are some of the most interesting and engaging games that you are ever likely to play. In fact, if they are something that you can get into, you might find that you rarely want to play anything else.

Also known as Tabletop RPGS (TTRPGs), pen and paper games have been making a bit of a splash recently, with titles like Dungeons and Dragons (DND) growing to new heights as shows like Critical Role, Dimension20, and Stranger Things bring plenty of attention to these games.

Of course, DND isn’t the only option. There are some fantastic TTRPG systems available to play around with, from the dark fantasy grit of Blades in the Dark to the Sci-Fi whimsy of Starfinder.

So, if you are looking for an entertaining and incredibly social variety of games that you can throw yourself into full force, then pen and paper games are a great option for you.