Men’s Apparel: All That They Can Wear For Blue-Collar Sites

As of February 27th this year, 27 Australian workers have been killed on construction sites. Last year, the number of people fatally injured was 162, while in 2018, this number stood at 144. If you are a construction-related business owner, you should be mindful of these statistics. Lack of safety measures may lead to injuries or even death on your construction site. This may further lead to unnecessary litigation and increased financial liabilities. As a responsible business owner, you may order the following kinds of safety wear for your workers.

  1. Hard hats

These hats are worn by workers to protect their skulls from falling bodies. Please note that falling objects can cause severe injuries or even death. In 2017, there were 15 casualties due to falling objects; this number constituted 8% of all work-related fatalities in Australia.

Hard hats also protect workers from falls. In 2017 again, there were 28 deaths due to falls from heights. The corresponding ratio was 15% of all work-related fatalities. While ordering hard hats for your workers, please ensure they meet the requisite standards and guidelines.

  1. Gloves

Another piece of valuable safety wear is a pair of gloves. These protect your workers from hot and cold objects and shocks. Gloves also help your workers in getting a surer grip on objects like wrenches, etc. It would help if you had gloves because your workers might be exposed to un-insulated electric wires somewhere on your construction site.

Though it is better to take all the conceivable safety standards, we would still recommend that you get these gloves for your workers’ safety. Sometimes, construction workers often have to handle extremely hot objects while welding, soldering, etc. Gloves shield your workers from the dangers of handling those hot objects.

  1. Visors

Welding is quite a hazardous job, and if not done safely, can injure our eyes. The sparks from welding can fly to our eyes and cause permanent or temporary damage to our eyes. Special visors keep the eyes of your workers safe. Please note that these visors in no way obstruct the work of your workers because of their bulky design.

  1. Knee protectors or knee pads

These devices protect the knees of workers from getting injured by protruding objects. Knee-related injuries are pretty common in constricted environments. One can injure his knee from protruding rods, angles, pipes or other objects.

  1. Shoes

Good quality shoes are an integral component of the safety wear of your workers. They serve various purposes. Good quality shoes prevent slipping and sliding in mushy environments. Some construction sites have a lot of damp mud around, and this may cause slips and injuries. To avoid such an accident, please get safety shoes for your workers. Rubber-made shoes also protect your blue-collared workers from electric shocks. You may never know, but un-insulated wires may be lying anywhere on your construction site.

Thirdly, the right quality shoe also stops your toe from getting injured. These shoes have steel frames that reduce the impact of a collision with a hard object. To get good quality safety wear for your workers and staff, you may click here. There are other ways in which you can make your work environment safer. For example, please display caution and warning signs prominently all over your construction site.

Please ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed in the designated areas. Always have a first aid kit ready. You may also have a clinic on your premises. Train your workers in all safety-related aspects. Please coach them on how to handle minor injuries, fire, accidents, etc.