Who is in the World of Warcraft remaster – classic version

Game developers World of Warcraft – Blizzard throughout the history of the project regularly release updates that promote the game story, offer new content to all old players and newcomers, simplify game mechanics somewhere, change the main meta somewhere.

Subsequently, players who are accustomed to more hardcore updates gradually leave World of Warcraft and Blizzard decide to launch the Classic version – an offshoot of the main version, with an emphasis on hardcore, where it is more difficult to get equipment, pumping is slower and old mechanics regain relevance.

Who should play World of Warcraft Classic:

  • Hardcore lovers
  • Farmers
  • Miners
  • PVP players

Hardcore lovers

Old World of Warcraft updates have always been geared towards the hardcore component. More time to complete quests, more difficult monsters, fewer resources can be obtained, more often you need to fight for spots and confront the enemy faction.

Hardcore always adds value to all game activities, as it doubles the effort that needs to be made to achieve a result. The maximum level is pumped much longer, professions become relevant again, it becomes more difficult to get weapons and armor.

Soft and familiar to everything ready for the players here, do not like and order wotlk classic boost in order to catch everything for the experience.


The more hardcore the update, the more interesting it is for players to get resources and gold to strengthen the character and sell the obtained items during the hunt.

Farmers are a separate cast of players who are constantly on the game spots in an attempt to get key resources and sometimes knock out equipment to strengthen their character. Such players equip the best equipment and weapons much faster than others due to the constant work on improving their hero.

In World of Warcraft Classic, you have to spend much more time to mine the same resources compared to the main version, which makes the game more interesting and each resource more valuable.

Raids and dungeons take on a new meaning in the extraction of good equipment and weapons, otherwise they will have to be crafted, or bought from other players on the marketplace.

Good farmers are already starting to look for groups for regular trips to dungeons and raids. The collected equipment can be used to strengthen your group and more comfortable passing dungeons and raids with an eye to increasing the complexity of the game zones.

Gradually, farmers will come to the stage of the game, when the equipment will already be superfluous and the extracted equipment can be gradually sold on the market and buy those resources and equipment that cannot be obtained during hunting and raids.


Players who work on the accumulation of resources and their implementation in the profession.

Foragers always upgrade gathering professions and invest in their development in order to produce a finished product.

Taking mining and blacksmithing is a great base for leveling up a character with the goal of earning gold in the future. If you regularly find and mine ore and gems in deposits, then by the middle of the game leveling you can come with a good financial situation by creating good armor and selling it, or by selling ore and gems to other manufacturers.

A good option is to take skinning and leatherworking to produce light armor and strengthen your character if he is involved in dodgers and wears light armor.

Herbal gathering and alchemy will help in creating special potions that will always come in handy in PVP and difficult raids.

Magic classes have it the easiest – they can take the tailor profession, which does not require an additional profession to extract the main resource. Everything is mined from monsters and the remaining slot can be filled with jewelry, which will allow you to create an orb – a unique magic weapon for the corresponding classes, or put up for sale. Jewelry have a particularly high price and relevance due to the complexity of manufacturing and the need for literally all classes.

PVP players

PVP has always been one of the most important components in the World of Warcraft. The complication of all game mechanics is also strengthened by PVP mechanics due to the difficulty in obtaining equipment, more time to get a high level and severity from the loss of experience when dying in contact with other players.

PVP players look for battles wherever possible, and faction division makes skirmishes between players almost constant.

The main advantage of such a system for active players will be the need to face representatives of the enemy faction in common locations for leveling and completing quests, and a physical reward in the form of a special medal for killing an opponent of their level and above.

The reward can be exchanged with a special NPC for unique equipment and weapons with enhanced performance to fight with other players.