Explore Learning’s Tuition Services Reach Over 49,000 Children in 2023

In 2023, Explore Learning, a leading tuition provider in the UK, has announced in its latest Impact Report that it has positively impacted over 49,000 children through its educational services.

The Impact Report, a yearly publication highlighting Explore Learning’s contribution to children’s education, also disclosed an encouraging statistic: 90% of students surpassed or met their predicted grades in Maths GCSE following tuition with Explore Learning.

With a focus on English and Maths, Explore Learning caters to a broad age range of 4-16 years. The organisation employs 4000 tutors who offer additional educational support outside regular school hours, available at multiple centres across the UK and through online platforms.

A key feature of the 2023 Impact Report is the success of the Big Dream Programme, designed by Explore Learning to extend its educational reach to families with fewer resources. The programme facilitated subsidised tuition for almost 300 children in 2023, while staff members contributed over 400 hours to volunteer work within their communities.

Bill Mills, the Founder and CEO of Explore Learning, stated with pride: “We are proud to have supported the growth of confidence and skills in over 49,000 children, nurtured the knowledge and talents of 4000 tutors and grown our reach in local communities through new, exciting partnerships and our Big Dream Programme.”

The report also reflected overwhelming positive feedback from both children and their parents. A notable 86% of parents reported that their child’s confidence in learning had grown, and 76% observed an increased enjoyment in learning amongst their children.

Elaborating further, Bill Mills said: “Many children come to us struggling with their learning or feeling disengaged with their lessons at school. We are so proud to make a difference not only to their academic success but to their attitude towards learning.”

Explore Learning’s tutors also had a significant year, delivering over 1.7 million hours of tuition in 2023.

Looking ahead, Bill Mills commented: “In 2024, we will continue to shape the future of education in the UK amidst the ever-changing technological landscape. We are on a mission to build the most impactful learning approach in the world, backed by science and real intelligence. We believe that the future of learning is led by incredible people, supported by smart technology. People will always be at the heart of the education that we deliver because we know there’s no better way to boost confidence, resilience, and positivity – the key ingredients to helping children thrive in their education and beyond.”

To view the full Explore Learning 2023 Impact Report, visit the dedicated webpage at explorelearning.co.uk.