Surespan Gears Up for a Week of Apprenticeship Celebrations

Surespan, a frontrunner in the design and production of access and escape solutions, eagerly anticipates its involvement in the 17th National Apprenticeship Week (NAW), scheduled from Monday, 5 to Sunday, 11 February 2024.

Embracing the ‘Skills for Life’ theme, Surespan is joining forces with Walsall College to exhibit its strong apprenticeship programme, underscoring the enriching career paths and hands-on learning it offers to those poised to start meaningful careers in the manufacturing sector.

National Apprenticeship Week 2024 is a tribute to the significant contribution of apprenticeships to individuals, companies, and the economy as a whole, with apprenticeship advocates nationwide showcasing the merits and possibilities of apprenticeships.

Surespan’s participation will feature inspiring accounts of personal evolution and heritage, highlighted by the experiences of first and second-generation apprentices within the firm, like Claire and her daughter Hannah, and Nicky and her son Stephen, demonstrating the transformative effect of apprenticeships.

Nicky Adams, Office Manager at Surespan, shared her enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to open our doors to a new generation of apprentices and offer them the chance to learn and thrive within the manufacturing and engineering industry. Our apprenticeship programme not only provides a structured pathway for skill development but also paves the way for personal and professional growth.”

The apprenticeship programme at Surespan opens the door to the manufacturing sector for individuals, offering them the chance to gain hands-on experience while earning an income.

This programme is geared towards the future, integrating the latest in technology and sustainable practices to prepare apprentices for a long-term career and future openings.

Surespan’s apprenticeship scheme is an all-encompassing educational experience that combines practical training with a focus on innovation and sustainability. This pathway offers a strong alternative to traditional education, enabling apprentices to step into the manufacturing field without the encumbrance of university debt.

The programme highlights the practical use of the latest technology and eco-friendly practices, readying apprentices to play a significant role in fostering a sustainable future. Engagement in real projects enhances employability, providing apprentices with a distinct advantage in the job market.

Mentorship from seasoned experts offers apprentices valuable insights that aid in their personal and professional development. The programme’s emphasis on community and ongoing improvement demonstrates Surespan’s dedication to nurturing the forthcoming generation of skilled professionals.

Surespan is excited to be a part of National Apprenticeship Week 2024, reinforcing its commitment to cultivating essential life skills and encouraging the next generation of industry leaders.

Through its apprenticeship programme, Surespan not only enhances the employability of young talents but also fosters innovation, sustainability, and a culture of continuous learning within the manufacturing industry.