Top guide for starting out playing bingo

Top guide for starting out playing bingo

Bingo is a classic casino game that is currently reaching new levels of popularity. There are several reasons behind the game’s recent popularity boost.

The main reason is that it’s available online and that more bingo apps and games are appearing on the market. Another important reason is the game’s reinvention.

Gaming companies are innovating and creating new versions of bingo. Two great examples of this are Slingo and Bingo Lingo clubs.

Slingo is a relatively new game that combines slots with bingo. It is one of the most popular new games on the market.

Bingo Lingo clubs are basically nightclubs and rave parties that combine partying with bingo.

These new bingo versions are attracting younger players. The casino game’s past reputation for attracting older players is now long gone.

Nowadays, bingo attracts players from different backgrounds and of different demographic groups.

So, how do you start playing bingo? How do you test out different bingo versions?

In this article, we’ll give you some tips to help you start playing bingo. We will tell you everything that you need to know in order to have a great bingo experience.

How to start playing bingo

Here is our step-by-step guide to help you start your bingo journey.

  • Choose between online or in-person bingo gaming

To start playing bingo, you will have to think about your personal gaming preferences. Are you looking to play bingo online or in-person?

We personally recommend playing bingo online if you have never played it before. Visiting a land-based gaming venue and playing bingo with experienced gamers can be intimidating at first.

You want to ease into it and familiarize yourself with the game before playing at a land-based venue. The best way to learn at your own pace is to play online.

You can try out different bingo versions and learn the bingo lingo from the comfort of your home.

Once you know the rules of bingo and the variation that you prefer, you can visit a land-based venue and play there.

This will make your entire game experience more enjoyable.

  • Choose an online provider

If you follow our first piece of advice, you will now be looking for an online bingo provider.

Choosing a good bingo provider is essential. The bingo provider you pick can make or break your entire experience.

For the best possible experience, you want a provider that is trustworthy and reliable. They should offer:

  • safe payment options
  • a secure platform that is encrypted
  • good customer service
  • a great selection of bingo games

The best way to find a good provider is to look at the following:

  • reviews, ratings and comments left by other users
  • reputation of the provider
  • the platform of the provider
  • website comparators

The easiest way to find a great provider is to go for a famous company, like Jackpotjoy. They have an excellent reputation and are known for being great game providers.

For peace of mind, we recommend going for a well-known game provider.

  • Try some free games with an online provider 

Before depositing real money at a provider, feel free to test out their platform via their ‘free games’ category.

For example, if you’re looking at a famous company like Jackpotjoy, try out their free games. With free games, you don’t need to deposit any money to play.

They will give you the opportunity to test out the provider’s services. You can then assess whether you like the provider’s gaming platform or not.

You can also use a provider’s free games to discover a large selection of games.

  • Try out different bingo versions and bingo games

As mentioned earlier, there are many types of bingo games and a number of bingo variations.

You can use different providers’ free games to discover a variety of bingo playing options. Once you have found the perfect provider, you can start depositing real money to access their full bingo selection.

Once you have access to this selection, try out as many different bingo games as you can. Make sure you try bingo games that combine different casino games.

For example, play Slingo to see if you enjoy it. You might also like to try some games that combine roulette with bingo or poker with bingo.

Make sure you also try different bingo variations. As you may know, there are two famous types of bingo, the British version and the American one.

The British version is known as the 90-ball bingo. The US version is known as the 75-ball version.

We recommend testing those two bingo versions first. These two versions are classic bingo games that have been played for decades.

Through them, you will learn about the history of bingo, traditional bingo rules and bingo lingo.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you learn the rules of the US bingo version. That being said, the best way to learn is usually through play and practice.

Final thoughts

You now have all of the essential information you need to start playing bingo. Have fun and enjoy the experience!