8 Situations That Require a Personal Injury Lawyer in Odessa

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases happen more often than you may think. Recent statistics show approximately 62 million Americans suffered an injury requiring medical treatment in 2021. With so many accidents causing injuries in the U.S., it’s important to understand when you may need to contact a personal injury lawyer to protect your rights. This is especially true if you live in Odessa, Texas, a city with higher than average injury rates.

According to Ryan Zehl, an Odessa personal injury attorney, if you have suffered harm in any of the following eight situations, contacting an experienced injury lawyer is highly recommended:

1. Vehicle Collisions

Odessa roads saw 27 vehicle accidents resulting in fatalities during 2021 alone. Clearly, getting behind the wheel in Odessa poses very real risks. Even a minor car crash can leave you burdened with lost wages, medical bills, auto repair costs, disability, and chronic health issues. An experienced car accident attorney understands the local roads, investigates crash details thoroughly, and determines viable legal options. They can file claims, negotiate assertively with insurance providers, and help secure payment for all crash-related expenses.

2. Premises Liability

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain safe conditions for those legally allowed on their land or in their buildings. If you slip and fall in a grocery store, get attacked by a dog on someone else’s property, or suffer another premises liability injury, an attorney can assist in recovering damages. Slip and fall incidents are the cause of one million ER visits each year and are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims.

3. Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the US. Doctors and other healthcare providers must uphold certain standards of reasonable care. Medical mistakes that cause new health problems or exacerbate existing conditions are considered medical malpractice. An Odessa injury lawyer can investigate errors and help victims receive recompense.

4. Nursing Home Abuse

Elder abuse is tragically common in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial exploitation, neglect of care needs, and sexual abuse happen often in environments caring for seniors and people with disabilities. Nursing home lawyers advocate for victims.

5. Workplace Injuries

On-the-job accidents cause millions of workplace injuries each year. Construction sites, factories, warehouses and commercial kitchens pose risks for workers. A seasoned workers’ compensation attorney understands regulations, can facilitate medical care, and works to get full pay for lost current and future income.

6. Dangerous & Defective Products

When flawed consumer products cause harm, product liability claims help protect purchasers. Lawyers in this area have experience with investigating unsafe designs, inadequate safety features, insufficient warnings and disclosure of risks, and breach of implied warranties. They use this expertise to recover damages from irresponsible manufacturers.

7. Birth Injuries

Errors during labor or delivery can inflict devastating, permanent damage on newborns. Lack of oxygen, excessive force with instruments, failure to monitor fetal heart rate, incorrect use of anesthesia or medications, and other mistakes may constitute medical negligence. Birth injury lawyers help families pursue legal action.

8. Wrongful Death

No amount of money can make up for the tragic loss of a loved one. Yet monetary compensation can ease financial burdens caused when an accident, act of negligence or intentional harm leads to someone’s death. In instances of wrongful death, a lawyer may help surviving family members file suits and claims.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer For Help  

Suffering any personal injury can severely impact the quality of life for victims and their families. An attorney well-versed in Odessa’s laws can help protect your rights in negotiations and court proceedings after harm occurs.