Mode Insurance: Revolutionising Insurance for Creative Professionals

Mode Insurance: Revolutionising Insurance for Creative Professionals
  • Mode Insurance emerges as a pioneering insurance brokerage designed expressly for freelance creatives, self-employed individuals, and small creative enterprises.
  • The foundation of this initiative is the collaborative strength of Gambit Insurance Solutions Ltd, Bspoke Insurance Group Ltd, and Movo Partnership Ltd.

After dedicating two years to the advancement of diversity and inclusion within the insurance industry via the Insurance Cultural Awareness Network (iCAN), Ajay Mistry returns to launch Mode Insurance. This platform is set to redefine how creative professionals engage with insurance services.

Driven by a passion to empower creatives with insurance solutions that reflect their dynamic lifestyles, Ajay has been a vocal critic of the traditional insurance offerings that fail to meet the evolving needs of the creative sector.

On the occasion of the launch, Ajay Mistry conveyed, “With Mode Insurance, my team and I have launched something new and exciting that will help creative freelancers buy the insurance they need.

“We’ve pulled together our wealth of insurance broking expertise with a team of freelancers to build a fresh and flexible service that is a game-changer for creative freelancers who want insurance that’s as flexible as they are.

“The creative economy is diverse and growing rapidly as more people than ever make the shift away from traditional ways of working. We get that it can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve made getting the right insurance straightforward and fuss-free – whether that’s just for a day, a weekend or the whole year round.

“We want to put creatives in complete control of their cover, providing them with the foundations to succeed in the creative sector.”

Tailored, Intuitive, and Flexible

In an effort to centre the Mode Insurance service around its creative clientele, Ajay teamed up with Gambit Insurance Solutions Ltd and collaborated with a group of marketing experts and former freelancers. This ensures that the service is not only informed by Ajay’s extensive insurance broking experience but is also deeply empathetic to the freelance lifestyle.

The company offers a comprehensive selection of insurance options for creative professionals and small businesses, covering everything from their equipment to personal liability, backed by Bspoke Sports & Leisure in collaboration with Accelerant Insurance Europe SA.

Expressing his excitement, Craig Morgan, Managing Director at Bspoke Sports & Leisure, stated, “The Bspoke Group is thrilled to be working with Mode Insurance.

“The energy and expertise Ajay and the rest of the team bring is a breath of fresh air and can only help the freelancer industry as it returns to its strength following the great recovery post Covid.

“We are pleased to be at the start of a partnership together. This is the first of many distribution partnerships for the Sports & Leisure division.”

Mode Insurance simplifies the insurance procurement process for creatives, offering an easy-to-navigate online platform for Public Liability, Equipment, Professional Indemnity, and Employers’ Liability Insurance, crafted by the skilled team at Durell Software.

Tom White, Durell’s Managing Director, shared his thoughts on the collaboration: “Gambit Insurance Solutions have been a fantastic company to work with, a great team, innovative approach and well-designed products.

“It’s very pleasing to launch so quickly, it really highlights the synergies offered by Durell’s collaboration with Movo.

“We continually look for new partners that align with our strategy and we saw Gambit as a perfect fit.

“I look forward to building a lasting relationship and all the new opportunities that working together will bring.”

The launch of Mode Insurance signifies Gambit Insurance Solutions’ first foray into the market, in strategic partnership with the Movo Partnership – a network designed to support both nascent and established insurance brokers.

Lea Cheesbrough, CEO at Movo Partnership & Commercial Director of Durell Software, expressed her enthusiasm: “We are delighted to be part of this amazing journey with Mode Insurance and the wider team of Gambit Insurance Solutions.

“The energy and foresight the team have runs to their core and Movo Partnership feel honoured to be a small part of this.

“Future thinking brokers like Mode are finding ways to support customers via tech and traditional customer service, making them a significant player in the independent broking market.”