Drive Towards Excellence: 5 Top Reasons to Consider Adding a Garage to Your Property

Drive Towards Excellence: 5 Top Reasons to Consider Adding a Garage to Your Property

Have you recently bought your dream home but as much as you love the internal space, there’s just one thing missing – a garage. If you’re searching for your forever (or even your right now) home, you’ll soon find out that a garage isn’t always a given.

Often, homes without garages are cheaper, making them more appealing to first-time buyers. Many new homeowners then opt to build attached or even free-standing garages as part of their home renovations. Using quality services for garage door installation Melbourne vendors offer will complete this process. And here’s why it will all be a wise investment.

Are Garages Really Necessary?

It’s not uncommon for new homeowners to find garages unnecessary. If you’re the type of individual who doesn’t have tools and doesn’t require a garage for storage, then you might think you can do just fine with a simple carport or paved area.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you really need a closed-up garage, this post is a must-read. Our experts have compiled a list of the top reasons why a garage is more beneficial than you think.

1.     Offers Better Security

Your new home is in a safe neighbourhood, you have a strong, robust gate and your car has a state-of-the-art alarm. These are probably among the top reasons why you think that a carport is a sufficient option. However, despite your best safety efforts, your vehicle may still be at risk as motor vehicle theft is up 11% in Australia as of 2023.

Vehicles left overnight in the street, or the driveway are still at risk of vandalism, accidental damage or even theft. Keeping your car in a locked-up garage gives you peace of mind that the chances of any of these events are minimised.

Keep in mind that your insurance policy may stipulate a locked garage as a prerequisite for the premium. Another plus point is that you can link your garage to your home security system.

2.     Convenient Storage Spaces

If you’ve never needed a garage, you don’t yet understand just how convenient these spaces can be. As a new homeowner, you may have little garden tools or equipment to store away. Trust us, this will change! Especially when you start doing your own DIY jobs or landscaping. Garages offer a convenient space where these items can be stored securely.

Additionally, as you start unpacking items in your home, you may find that you have a few excess boxes or furniture items that you want to hang onto but don’t have space for in your home. Adding a few shelves to your garage wall will create an ideal storage space for smaller boxes or random items.

3.     Multiple Functions

Garage spaces are versatile and can be converted into just about anything. Not only can they function as a traditional garage that houses your vehicle, but they can also be turned into a makeshift workshop or even a living area.

Since many modern garage doors can be customised to include windows, you’ll be able to create a well-ventilated space that can be used for a wide range of purposes. The most common uses of garage spaces include the following:

  • Create a space for your home gym, so equipment won’t be cluttering the home and small children and pets won’t be in the way.
  • Turn the space into your kid’s play area with toys, craft tables and entertainment areas. This is an excellent way to give kids a place to play during the winter or rainy season.
  • It’s also the perfect space to create a home office away from the home. Especially if you have kids and pets that may bother you during an online meeting, even if another parent or babysitter is keeping an eye on them.

4.     Protection Against the Elements

Another good reason to invest in a garage on your property is to protect your vehicle or garden equipment from the elements—especially if you live in an area where severe storms, hail and even cyclones are common occurrences. Furthermore, a shady garage will also provide your vehicle with protection against the harsh Australian sun.

5.     Increases Your Property Value

While you may think you have found your forever home, many homeowners often sell their first homes for a bigger or more convenient space as their families or needs change. This means the ideal goal is to increase your property value as much as possible.

Adding a garage to a property that didn’t originally have one, instantly increases the potential property value. Potential home buyers are always on the lookout for properties that have maximum space or functionality. Moreover, spaces that require little work or renovations after purchase are also a major attraction.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons to invest in a lock-up garage. Depending on the space you have available, this new structure can be attached to your home, or if you prefer, a detached building away from the house.

Whether you’re going to use your new space for storing your vehicle or you have a different purpose in mind, the reality is that you and your family will always benefit from the extra space. Over time, as your needs change, you’ll be glad you made the investment!