First Time Mums UK Network: Empowering New Mothers through Community Support

First Time Mums UK is thrilled to announce its rapid expansion to a community of 75,000 members in less than three years, marking it as the UK’s fastest-growing network for new mothers. This significant growth highlights the essential demand for specialised support networks aimed at first-time mums.

Initiated by Yana Abramova, who is a devoted mother, First Time Mums UK started with a modest group of friends and has now become a key source of support for new and expectant mothers across the nation, boasting over 75,000 members on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Yana Abramova, the founder, states, “At First Time Mums UK, we understand the challenges and joys of motherhood, especially for those embarking on the journey for the first time. Our community provides a safe space for new mothers to connect, share experiences, and seek guidance from peers who understand their unique journey.”

The expansion of the network highlights a significant shortfall in the support services available to first-time mums in the UK. Focusing on peer-to-peer support, First Time Mums UK encourages new and expectant mothers to become part of this thriving community, offering them the necessary resources and fellowship to manage the initial phases of motherhood.

Corporate sponsors such as Mama Bamboo,ย Graco UK,ย Purer Mama, andย The Baby O have supported First Time Mums UK, acknowledging its crucial role in aiding new mothers. The network also collaborates with the L&M Foundation to assist pre-term infants, further demonstrating its dedication to the community.

First Time Mums UK is accessible via three main channels: a Facebook group for interactive peer support, an Instagram account providing educational content, and a comprehensive blog with expert advice on motherhood.

For further details about First Time Mums UK and to join the community, please visit:

Official website
Facebook Community
Instagram: @firsttimemumsuk