Celebrating a Decade of Ireland Before You Die: A Look Back at Stevie Haughey’s Journey

This year, Stevie Haughey celebrates the 10th anniversary of his brainchild, Ireland Before You Die (IB4UD), a travel website that started in his university bedroom and has since become a beacon for those exploring Ireland. With a social media following of over 750,000, IB4UD stands as a testament to Ireland’s allure, offering an array of content that celebrates the nation’s landscapes and historical sites.

Haughey’s adventure began in March 2014, with a commitment to spotlighting Ireland’s charm. The website has grown immensely, proving to be a crucial resource for genuine Irish travel experiences.

Haughey’s career path took several notable turns. Following university and a period of unemployment, he was inspired by BBC’s “The Apprentice” and secured a role with show contestant Richard Woods at his marketing agency near London. This position was crucial in developing Haughey’s marketing and business skills.

Afterwards, Haughey moved to Glasgow, where he was eventually laid off. This setback motivated him to write “The Irish Bucket List: 101 Places to See in Ireland Before You Die,” much of which was penned in Glasgow coffee shops. The publication has achieved bestseller status on Amazon, and Haughey has been self-employed since.

Reflecting on the past decade, Haughey states, “What began as a modest passion project has evolved into a business that significantly supports Irish tourism. Switching from law to following my passion for travel was a pivotal decision. It’s rewarding to celebrate this anniversary and recognise our growth and future plans.”

The evolution from a simple social media page to a thriving website was not without its challenges. However, Haughey’s perseverance and passion for sharing Ireland’s story have propelled IB4UD to prominence, a journey that resonates with many entrepreneurs. 

Today, the site offers a range of content, including detailed travel articles, vibrant photographs, engaging videos, and insightful articles.

As IB4UD enters its next decade, Haughey is available to provide insights on the journey, the evolution of digital travel platforms, and the future of travel in Ireland.