Top Global Music Festivals Ranked by Accessibility for Disabled Attendees

Handicare, in partnership with Age Co have released a comprehensive study focused on the accessibility of the world’s largest music festivals for disabled people. The evaluation considered several factors including wheelchair viewing zones, accessible pathways, and designated parking to compile an authoritative ranking.

The study disclosed:

  • Glastonbury ranks as the leading accessible major music festival globally.
  • Coachella and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival are prominent in the accessibility rankings, featuring in the top three.
  • A majority, 19 of the top 25 music festivals, offer accessible viewing facilities.
  • Only a small number, 5 out of 25, provide wheelchair hiring services.
  • Just 6 out of 25 festivals have dedicated sensory rooms and quiet areas available.

This research examined various facilities at each festival such as accessible lavatories, barrier-free access routes, availability of wheelchairs for hire, onsite disabled parking, reduced price or companion tickets, viewing areas suitable for disabled attendees, accessible shuttle services, sensory and quiet rooms, allowance of guide dogs, and hearing assistance services.

Findings show that 20 festivals include accessible toilet facilities, 19 offer designated viewing areas for accessibility, and 18 have step-free access routes.

For a thorough examination of the findings and rankings, the complete article is available here: