Global Growth for South African eLearning Developer New Leaf Technologies

South Africa-based eLearning content developer, New Leaf Technologies, is enjoying international expansion, benefitting from South Africa’s reputation as a dependable offshore outsourcing destination.

New Leaf Technologies provides “best of breed” learning software and services to corporations, training companies, and educational institutions across Africa and the Middle East.

The company also offers over 30,000 off-the-shelf courses and customised course content, shareable through these platforms, in addition to turnkey design and production services to create complete eLearning experiences.

South Africa receives significant local support through the government’s Global Business Services Master Plan, which aims to create 500,000 new jobs in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector by 2030. New Leaf Technologies has taken advantage of this support, now serving clients throughout the Middle East.

Michael Hanly, the managing director of New Leaf Technologies, remarked: “South Africa has a highly skilled workforce with a neutral English accent, high levels of empathy, and a cultural affinity to their source markets.

“South Africans are also known for their niche domain skills, from IT, data management, technical and customer support to finance, marketing, and the whole spectrum of creative services. All of this makes South Africa a perfect fit for most companies and we are delighted to be reaping the benefits of this.”

South Africa’s favourable location, affordable talent pool, and cutting-edge communications infrastructure have given South Africans an advantage when international companies (from Amazon and BMW to Vodafone and Samsung) seek offshore partners.

Michael Hanly added: “For those operating in the training and corporate learning spheres, there are numerous reasons to outsource instructional design and development to a South African eLearning content development service provider. These include lower costs, English proficiency and cultural alignment, high levels of education and experience of the workforce as well as a strong and agile work ethic.

“Considering these factors, outsourcing instructional design and eLearning content development services to a reputable South African company offers cost-effective, high-quality solutions while promoting innovation, creativity, and flexibility.”

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