Shika Wellbeing: Triumphing Over Adversity

Shika Wellbeing UK, established in 2021 by Bina Gungah, has quickly become an award-winning wellness business dedicated to promoting holistic health and wellbeing.

Bina’s inspiring journey from nursing to entrepreneurship, powered by her experience with a hidden disability, has resulted in a company that integrates wellbeing products into daily routines for a healthier, more balanced life.

Bina Gungah has lived with Spina Bifida, a condition she initially perceived as a weakness that might limit her progress. Few were aware of her condition as she pursued a career in nursing, working in a clinical environment due to her condition. However, the pandemic brought unforeseen challenges. Redeployed to a Skegness Hospital, Bina’s part-time work soon became untenable due to severe hip pain. This turning point led Bina to confront her struggles, ultimately transforming her perceived weakness into a source of strength and innovation.

“This pivotal moment of vulnerability became my catalyst for change,” Bina shares. “I learned to embrace my disability, which empowered me to turn my personal challenges into a thriving business.”

Whilst maintaining her nursing career, Bina founded Shika Wellbeing UK, focusing on products designed to calm the mind, boost mood, promote relaxation, foster inner healing, and improve sleep quality. Shika Wellbeing UK’s rapid success stands as a testament to Bina’s resilience and determination.

Bina’s journey began with an acupressure mat recommended by her massage therapist. The immediate relief from pain, anxiety, and stress was transformative, leading her to delve into acupressure, acupuncture, and other wellness practices. Combining these with yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy for sleep, and aromatherapy, she experienced significant improvements in her wellbeing.

With a Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing and a degree in Environmental Protection from the University of Bournemouth, Bina’s academic background underscores her commitment to sustainability and ethical production. Every Shika Wellbeing UK product reflects her passion for protecting the environment while promoting health.

“Through Shika Wellbeing UK, I transformed my adversity into a platform for helping others,” Bina reflects. “I found new strength in entrepreneurship, channelling my experiences into creating products that support holistic health.”

Shika Wellbeing UK’s achievements have been recognised with several prestigious awards. In December 2023, the company won the Startup Women Business of the Year at the Lincolnshire Regional Awards. Additionally, in 2024, Shika Wellbeing UK received the Most Commended Award from the Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards and is now a finalist for the National Beauty Awards.

“As I focused on building my business, I became more resilient and positive,” Bina recounts. “I found fulfilment in helping others through Shika Wellbeing UK, and my own mental and physical health improved as a result. A year later, I proudly shared my growing business with friends, family, and colleagues.”

Today, Shika Wellbeing UK thrives on Amazon and beyond, driven by Bina’s passion for holistic health. She aims to inspire others to prioritise their wellbeing and embrace a holistic approach that nurtures every aspect of their being.

“I always thought my disability would hinder my success,” Bina reflects. “But I have learned that with the right mindset, true wellness is achievable. Shika Wellbeing UK embodies this belief, offering products that support a beautiful life through a beautiful mindset.”

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