SRCN’s Rapid Assessment Identifies Improvement Areas for European Midstream Operator

SRCN’s Rapid Assessment Identifies Improvement Areas for European Midstream Operator

In a recent comprehensive maintenance key performance indicator (KPI) and reporting assessment, SRCN Solutions has pioneered new standards for a European midstream operator managing high-risk sites. This case study explores the challenges faced, the strategic approach SRCN employed, and the significant outcomes that redefined operational success for the operator.

Identifying the Challenge

A prominent midstream operator in Europe faced a critical challenge across its three high-hazard sites. The core of the issue was developing a unified and effective reporting system that could provide consistent and comparable insights across various locations. The operator aimed to introduce a set of KPIs that would not only align with senior management’s expectations but also ensure that risk management and operational priorities were executed effectively.

Strategic Approach by SRCN

SRCN embarked on a meticulous desktop review encompassing all maintenance procedures and processes at the group level and individual sites. The review scrutinised existing KPIs, their creation processes, and the management of data within each site’s Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS). This thorough analysis was crucial in identifying discrepancies in data interpretation and inconsistencies in operational philosophies across the sites.

The insight gained from this evaluation enabled SRCN to quickly pinpoint underlying data gaps and philosophical disparities, limiting the sites’ capability to manage risks efficiently and generate comparable KPIs for higher management. The approach fostered rapid assessment and garnered extensive support and commitment from both group management and site asset managers. Within a mere four weeks, SRCN delivered actionable recommendations poised to significantly enhance risk and work management across all sites.

Outcome: Standardised KPIs Enhance Risk and Work Management

The primary objective of this assessment was to streamline the generation of consistent KPIs that senior management and stakeholders could use to evaluate risk and the effectiveness of work management across the high-risk sites. SRCN’s agile assessment and methodology in work management pinpointed specific improvement areas and devised a strategic improvement plan to achieve the desired outcomes.

Key improvements included:

  1. Revised Prioritisation for Maintenance Tasks: Adjustments were made based on the potential consequences and likelihood of equipment failures, enhancing the decision-making process for corrective maintenance.
  1. Backlog Definition and Deferral Management: Clear guidelines and definitions were established to manage and defer maintenance tasks effectively, ensuring that critical operations are prioritised.
  1. Work Management Process Enhancements: Modifications were recommended to harmonise work management processes across all sites, aiming to achieve operational consistency.
  1. Standardisation of KPIs: A recommended set of KPIs and their definitions were introduced to be uniformly applied across all locations, ensuring all sites adhere to the same standards and practices.

Setting New Industry Standards

SRCN Solutions’ intervention has set new benchmarks for managing maintenance operations within high-risk midstream sectors. By implementing strategic KPIs and enhancing reporting mechanisms, the European midstream operator is now well-equipped to manage risks more effectively and prioritise work processes strategically across its sites. This case study not only highlights the importance of tailored KPI strategies in high-stakes environments but also demonstrates SRCN’s capability in transforming challenges into operational excellence through innovative and informed approaches.