Discover the Best of Normandy: Yelloh Village Camping Experience

Discover the Best of Normandy: Yelloh Village Camping Experience

Yelloh Village is also known for its clean and well-maintained facilities, ensuring a pleasant stay for all guests. Yelloh Village makes camping a comfortable and enjoyable experience with the quality and various options available.

What makes Yelloh village stand out because of its focus on customer satisfaction and the variety of options it provides. Each campsite is carefully chosen for its natural beauty and modern Services.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat in nature or a fun-filled family holiday, Yelloh village has something for everyone. Their campsites offer a range of activities, from swimming pools and sports facilities to kids’ clubs and entertainment programs.

Why go camping in Yelloh Village, Normandy?

Normandy is famous for its pivotal role in World War II, especially the D-Day landings. The beaches of Normandy, such as Omaha Beach, are landmarks where visitors can explore museums, memorials, and cemeteries that honor the bravery of those who fought.

The medieval town of Bayeux houses the Bayeux Tapestry, an impressive artifact depicting the Norman conquest of England.

One highly recommended location for camping enthusiasts is Camping Normandy at Yelloh Village. This site is known for its beautiful scenery, excellent facilities, and family-friendly environment. 

Natural Beauty

The region boasts beautiful coastlines, lush countryside, and charming villages. The cliffs at Étretat offer breathtaking views and scenic walks, while the serene beaches provide perfect spots for relaxation. Inland, the rolling hills and apple orchards create picturesque scenery, especially in places like the Pays d’Auge. 

Cultural Attractions

Normandy is also rich in cultural experiences. The stunning Mont-Saint-Michel, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a must-visit with its dramatic setting and historic abbey. The cities of Rouen and Caen are filled with gothic cathedrals, medieval architecture, and vibrant markets. The region is also known for its culinary delights, including Camembert cheese, apple cider, and fresh seafood. 

Top Village Camping Sites in Normandy

1.   La Capricieuse (Luc-sur-Mer, Calvados)

Searching for a family campsite in Calvados? Your search ends here! Nestled in a lush, green environment just 100 meters from the expansive beaches of Normandy, welcome to Yelloh! Village La Capricieuse.

What more do you need to start packing your bags?

A spacious aquatic area? We have that, complete with three swimming pools.


  • Electric vehicle charging point available during high season (extra charge)
  • Tourist information available throughout the year
  • Launderette available during high season (extra charge)
  • Chairs and cots rental available during high season (extra charge)
  • Bike rental is available during high season (extra charge)
  • Irons and ironing boards are available all year round
  • The restaurant operates during high season (extra charge)
  • Postal services are available throughout the year
  • Wi-Fi is free of charge all year round


  • Fresh bread and pastries are sold on-site for a special holiday breakfast
  • Takeaway meals are available for a pleasant lunch on your cottage terrace
  • Cocktails are available at the campsite bar in the evening for relaxation and socializing

Unique Features

  • Attentive reception staff ready to answer questions and provide information for exploring the area
  • Free Wi-Fi to ensure your stay is convenient and stress-free
  • Facilities can be explored through a video tour to get a better idea of what is offered
  • Dedicated staff to make your holiday unforgettable and to take care of you

2.   Portland (Bayeux, Calvados)

Explore the extensive services available at the Portland campsite, all aimed at making your stay in Normandy as convenient as possible.


  • Electric vehicle charging point available during high season (extra charge applies)
  • Grocery store available during high season (extra charge applies)
  • Launderette available all year round
  • Premium accommodation is available during high season (extra charge applies)
  • Waste disposal for camper available all year round
  • Restaurant available during high season (extra charge applies)
  • Postal service is available all year round
  • Wi-Fi is available all year round


  • Borrow ping-pong rackets or pétanque bowls from reception
  • Enjoy meals and drinks at the campsite’s bar-restaurant, offering local flavors, including fresh fish
  • Participate in evening entertainment with sea views from the bar-restaurant terrace

Unique Features

  • The reception team is available daily to assist with information and equipment hire
  • Social hub bar-restaurant with helpful staff offering tourist tips
  • On-site grocery store providing essential goods and fresh bread and pastries

History, Nature and Culture of Normandy

Historical Sites in Normandy

  • D-Day Beaches

During World War II, Allied soldiers landed on the world-famous D-Day beaches in Normandy. Visiting Omaha Beach, Utah Beach, and other landing sites offers a profound glimpse into history. You can explore museums, memorials, and cemeteries that honor the soldiers who fought there. 

  • Mont Saint-Michel

This iconic island commune is a UNESCO World Heritage site. With its stunning medieval abbey perched on a rocky hill, Mont Saint-Michel is a must-see. During low tide, you can walk around the base of the island, while high tide offers dramatic views of the water surrounding it.

Natural Attractions of Normandy 

  • Cliffs at Étretat

The white chalk cliffs and natural arches of Étretat are breathtaking. These cliffs have inspired many artists, including Claude Monet. Hiking trails along the coast provide stunning views and photo opportunities. 

  • Norman Countryside

The lush green landscapes of the Normandy countryside are perfect for leisurely drives, cycling, or walking. The region is dotted with charming villages, apple orchards, and picturesque farms. The Pays d’Auge area is particularly known for its beautiful scenery and traditional Norman architecture.

Local Cuisine and Cultural Experiences

  • Local Cuisine

Normandy is famous for its culinary delights. Try Camembert cheese, a creamy and flavorful cheese made in the region. Enjoy fresh seafood, especially oysters and mussels from the coast. Don’t miss out on the region’s delicious apple products, including cider and Calvados, an apple brandy.

  • Cultural Experiences

You can find out about the rich culture of Normandy through its festivals, markets, and museums. Visit the Bayeux Tapestry Museum to see the famous 11th-century embroidery depicting the Norman conquest of England. Enjoy local festivals celebrating everything from food to music, and wander through vibrant markets where you can buy local produce, crafts, and souvenirs.