Thursday, February 22, 2024


We have a team of dedicated health news reporters to cover the latest stories and breaking announcements within the healthcare industry, allowing you to be constantly updated on issues surrounding local GPs and the NHS.

Our health news reporters provide in-depth features on the current healthcare situation both nationally and internationally, as well as the latest information that you or your family may be affected by.

We have expert health news commentary and un-biased reports on UK health news from a team of experienced journalists. This allows medical breakthroughs and ground-breaking new research to be reported-on accurately and in a timely fashion. Our news reporters also cover health surveys and polls, giving unique insight into the opinions of people and their health.

The team at NewsAnyway also cover personal health, dieting, fitness and healthy eating in order to help you to become your healthiest self. These tips come directly from industry professionals with years of experience working within the healthcare industry.