Amazing Benefits Of Exercise For Good Health And Happiness

Getting into exercise as a regular habit can seem really daunting at first–it might seem like joining a gym or lifting weights is just for athletic, already-fit people. But the truth is: exercising is more than flexing your muscles or having a better body. It’s something that everyone across all fitness and athleticism levels will benefit from.

The effects of working out definitely have a bigger scope than firm triceps. Did you know that working out can affect how you cope with stress, how you deal with criticism, and how you handle stress?

In this article, we’ve spoken with Matt from Rec Xpress Brighton who will give you the rundown of how regular exercise can be awesome for your health and happiness.

  1. Higher Chances of Avoiding Cardiovascular Disease

Most cardiovascular diseases are caused by two factors: a build-up of fat in your blood vessels from eating a high-fat diet or too much strain on your heart from being too heavy for your height or being overweight. When you work out, you hit two birds with one stone. Your heart is able to pump blood through your veins more freely and your blood pressure becomes more balanced.

Working out, particularly doing cardiovascular exercises like using a rowing machine, swimming, jogging, hiking, and biking can help dissolve fat before it hardens in your veins and arteries. Although working out doesn’t automatically mean losing weight because it can increase your muscle mass, it definitely burns extra fat and can get you into those jeans in no time. This means that your heart won’t have to carry as heavy a burden.

2. Weight Management

In line with our first point, weight management is a very big factor when it comes to staying healthy and happy. Studies have shown that when you’re obese, your body doesn’t produce as much endorphins or happy hormones. This is also why stagnant lifestyles are often associated with depression and a lack of inspiration. When you control your weight, your body can function at the rate and capacity that it’s supposed to.

It’s a common notion of a lot of people that living healthy and going to the gym to exercise means becoming a triathlete or a professional boxer, but this isn’t the case. It’s not always all or nothing. You can have a middle ground when it comes to fitness. When you start to feel demotivated, just think to yourself that exercise is an investment in your health for the future. Working out can affect your quality of life from little things like changing a lightbulb to make-or-break scenarios like having to escape during a natural disaster. If you are concerned about your physical health when working out, or if you don’t feel as though your joints and general mobility give you enough flexibility to hit the gym then your doctor may be able to advise you. Little things like pain in achilles tendon can signify other underlying health issues or injuries that you may not be aware of.

3. Deep Sleep & Better Mood

We may sleep every night but deep sleep is very rare. It takes certain conditions to get deep sleep, but it’s the best for our health. Did you know that for your body to recover from all of the toxins it’s accumulated during the day, you should be in deep sleep by 11:00 PM? In our times filled with calamities, disasters, and diseases, it can be very hard to fall into a deep sleep.

Exercising regularly helps you spend extra energy, allowing you no excess to keep awake for long. Moving around also allows you to release stress, putting you in a more relaxed state. Regular exercise doesn’t even have to be intensive. If you’re having a hard time sleeping, you can try doing some nighttime yoga or taking fifteen minutes to walk on the treadmill.


If you’re looking for a great way to be happier and healthier, then exercising regularly might be the way to go offers you a variety of workout ideas.

Working out definitely gives you lots of benefits inside and out. You get clearer skin, a more fit and stronger figure, as well as better sleep and a more stable, productive mood. Remember: exercise doesn’t have to be extreme to be effective. You can head to the gym or go walking for moderate exercise that will offer great benefits.

They say that it only takes the average person 12 times to make something a habit. If you start right now and work exercise into your daily schedule, you will find yourself healthier, more radiant, and more motivated in no time.

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