New Automated Service Desk uses AI to efficiently resolve IT support issues will improve self-service resolution by up to 75% and reduce Service Agent call handle time by over 200% using AI powered automation.

SYDNEY, Aus.; 20 February 2019 – A new intelligent Automated Service Desk program, released this week, could help mid-size enterprise resolve their employees’ IT support issues instantly, automatically and affordably! After 24 months of intensive development, is now the first and only fully integrated intelligent service management platform on the market today with AI at its core.

Co-founders, Dion Williams and Chris Jones have over 50 years’ experience in helping customers implement and optimise service desk and related technologies and utilized this knowledge to develop They say the platform can help customers improve self-service resolution by up to 75%, while reducing Service Agent call handle time by over 200% using AI powered automation.

“While it takes on average three minutes to resolve a call using current service desk tools, uses natural language understanding (NLU) to understand the intent of the issue and takes actions to resolve it at machine speed, thereby reducing the handle time to less than a minute,” explains Dion Williams.

Traditional Service Desk tools have increased in complexity over the years while failing to focus on the purpose of the service desk – resolving employee issues faster and with less disruption to their day job. With the increased complexity of features and functions bundled into the traditional service tools, the license costs have continued to increase on the basis of more functionality equals more value, even if customers are not using the new features.

Whilst there are other large-scale service desk solutions out there with the option to enhance the solution with a plug in AI capability, this does not help alleviate costs of ongoing and increasing licence fees, amounting to 10-15% annually, and requires skilled people to resolve and service.

“Our solution reduces the cost and skills required,” says Williams, “As an example, a company of 3.500 employees can expect to on average 10,000 calls per month to the Service Desk, the rough cost of which is $15 per call making the cost $150,000 per month. Using this cost is reduced by 40% saving the company $720,000 annually.” has adopted a unique approach, using AI to deliver value to the business.

“Our approach of Observe -> Learn -> Augment -> Automate allows us to remove the complexity of AI, while enabling the intelligent platform to learn from your best Agents and Augment the rest of your Agents. With AI at the core, goes beyond basic call routing predictions to Observe and Learn how issues are being resolved and then is able to Automate a resolution in machine time.” is now the truly Smart way to run an enterprise’s Service Desk, helping to reduce operational costs while improving employees’ service experience.

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The Smart way to run your enterprise Service Desk.

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