Belgium is on the brink of rupture says ambulance service

Ambulance Service Calls For Clearer Covid Communication

As new variants of the coronavirus spread throughout the globe, an ambulance service has called into question the communication strategies of several Belgian politicians.

In a statement released this week, NAAB Ambulance Service has cited new variants, along with an increased expectation of a third wave in Belgium, as reasons for a more clear and precise communication strategies from politicians and state officials.

naab ambulance

NAAB Ambulance Service LLC is a private ambulance service that operates in several countries throughout the world. Arnaud Franchini, who is their CEO, said:“As long as we continue on this obsolete communication strategy, we are wasting time and the support of the people.”

His quotes accompanied a statement released on behalf of the service. In it, the criticism went one step further, calling for the potential resignation of politicians and state workers who don’t adhere to best practices in relation to covid.

It read: “Concretely and in all objectivity, communication since the start of the novel Coronavirus epidemic has been a failure. In recent weeks, social networks have multiplied the publications of political representatives themselves disregarding the rules they want to impose on the population. Add to this the behavior going against the health strategy of some police officers.

“These state representatives, supposed to set an example, trigger a loss of support for effective measures… Unworthy of the mission entrusted to them, they should perhaps resign.”


The ambulance service also called for a clear strategy around retail in the country, stating that “there is no longer the slightest correlation in the mind of the citizen between the closure of local shops and the fight against the virus”.

They added that this was due to “real strict measures” not being implemented and that Belgium’s population “does not know which way to turn”.

The ambulance service also reiterated their call for stricter regulations in the European country, alongside a communication strategy which is more precise in demonstrating the issues and realities associated with covid-19.

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