Sports and Beauty: How to Match Your Style to Your Exercise Regime

When you’re working out, it can be hard to find the perfect sports glasses. You want something that fits your style but also does a good job of protecting your eyes from sun and wind. Fortunately, there is a solution! Photochromic lenses adjust their tint based on the level of light outside and are great for anyone who likes to stay active. In this blog post we will discuss how photochromic glasses work along with some styling tips so you can match your outfit to your workout regime!


If you are a runner, try to match your running clothes with the color of your shoes. Gone are the days of actually running in track pants – it’s time to step up your running style.

Running clothes should be tight fitting so they don’t get in the way of your movement but loose enough to allow air circulation. It’s a good idea to wear something on top as you may sweat during exercise and it will soak through clothing if left alone for too long.

If running outside, sunglasses with photochromic lenses or polarized glasses work well because the light is constantly changing from bright sun to darkened shadows along paths and roads. You want something that has a frame that won’t slide down your nose when exercising intensely, such as those with silicone pads within the arms which prevent slipping. If you’re looking for some style, you could also wear a running visor or hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.


If tennis is your game of choice (or even if it isn’t!), first pick out what color clothes work best on court. You should wear loose fitting clothing that does not restrict movement but at the same time still looks nice. To get around this problem, some people choose outfits from one color family with different hemlines (longer skirts or shorts) and then layer lighter tops over darker bottoms like black tights under white pants – it’s all about how much coverage you want without sacrificing style.

Most tennis clubs have rules about how you should dress but I haven’t found one yet that tells you what type of lenses you can wear. So, find some photochromic glasses that are stylish but still functional – if you’re looking for suggestions, try polarized lenses like Oakley’s Prizm™ photochromic or Maui Jim’s polarized photochromic lenses. Maui Jim first started using photochromic lenses in their sunglasses in 1985 and they have photochromic lenses for glasses as well. I’ve used them before when I took up snowboarding a few years ago so if you’re looking to do something outside, these are perfect!


For those who are into yoga or Pilates, wear comfortable fabrics that can stretch and breathe while you’re indoors or outdoors. If you do choose to venture outdoors for yoga in the park, remember to bring some sunscreen and a water bottle.

If you’re into team sports like soccer, pack your kit bag with comfortable clothes that can keep up with the fast pace of the game. Make sure they don’t impede movement or are too tight in any spots. You’ll also need sneakers for this one – make them lightweight but durable so there won’t be unnecessary movements on court when you play!


When exercising outdoors, dress in layers so you can take off what you don’t need as the day progresses. When you dress in layers (no matter the weather) you give yourself options. This is the exact same principle of photochromic lenses. Photochromic lenses were first developed in the 1980s and have gone from a luxury to an affordable option. Photochromic glasses have lenses that change tint based on the ultraviolet light exposure – they let in more or less UV when it’s sunny, cloudy, or artificial lighting.

There is no need for you to wear sunglasses indoors all day long! This can be hazardous not only to your eyes but also your skin due to prolonged sun exposure through windows. But if you will be outside most of the time, then photochromic glasses may just make sense as outdoor eyewear! In fact, photochromic lenses are now worn by some of the world’s top athletes.

Photochromic lenses are quite popular in the United States with outdoor enthusiasts as they can be used for everything from cycling to golfing. They also help people like me who wear glasses and need them indoors but don’t want to have to carry sunglasses all day long!