Benchmark for Kratom manufacturing and products in the US, which has been in existence since 2001, is the founder of the Kratom market that has been offering medicines & business opportunities for more than 18 years. The company is the also the first to commercially start shipping Kratom to the United States, Canada, and Europe. To its credit, it is the founder of Maeng Da, Bali, and Thai strains and is also the industry’s leading commercial manufacturer of high-quality kratom extracts and isolates.

Setting New Standards

Earlier there was inconsistency in the kratom industry. formed guidelines or units of measurement to determine the strength of the kratom that one bought. By measuring the amount of Mitragynine, it established a measurement system to show exactly how “strong” any product is. Mitragynine is the most abundant alkaloid found in all types of kratom along with an array of other very interesting alkaloids, which all vary in amounts and concentrations depending on the time of the year and geographical areas. ensured the amount of Mitragynine present in every Kratom product was displayed in percentage or milligrams similar to alcohol percentage in alcoholic beverages, Nicotine in Tobacco, and THC in Marijuana.

Sustainable Kratom

Borneo suffers from drastic deforestation for Palm Oil production and logging. is one of the very few companies in Borneo to plant trees. Kratom is a healthy and sustainable industry or at least that’s what it should be. Some companies still literally cut down wild-growing Kratom trees in order to easily collect all the leaves and then they sell the wood for timber, thereby using the whole tree. This though is not’s policy and rather than cutting down trees, the company has been doing the opposite and has been planting them for many years.

Moving ahead into the future, it won’t be long before we see specific types of kratom being grown commercially from genetically influenced clones to produce certain types and strengths of kratom similar to the medical marijuana industry.

Modern day extracts

The purity of any plant is seen in its extraction. Plant extracts are the most concentrated form of a plant where only the essences and essential parts of the plant are left, and everything else is discarded. The essential parts of the Kratom plant are its alkaloids and that’s what needs to be extracted. In the case Kratom, it had become particularly difficult to find a method to make a good-quality extract.

In 2014, embarked on a project to produce kratom extracts and isolates of the highest quality for the industry. It invested a large amount of money into R&D to determine how the company could produce a ‘food grade’ quality extract boasting of purity that had never been witnessed in the commercial Kratom market. By the end of 2015, had finally developed its own unique method that involves the extraction of only the pure whole alkaloid fraction from a kratom leaf. It is known as 100% Full Spectrum Kratom Extract.

Not just that, the company can now even enrich this alkaloid fraction even further to completely discard all the alkaloids and be left with only Mitragynine. This is known as a Mitragynine Isolate.

The raw leaf that is used in this process is grown and harvested by the company itself and is monitored very carefully for quality at source. It is then shipped to the extraction facility where the extracts are produced in accordance with GMP practices. set up and designed its own special facility in order to be able to produce this thing on a commercial scale. Prior to this, something like this had never been done before on such a large scale. The process is very long and complicated and these kratom makers take a lot of care to make sure that the final product is completely neutralized and purged and is totally free of dangerous solvent residues before leaving the facility. The company sends every batch to an independent lab to test for residual solvents and each batch comes with a certificate of analysis showing that the levels completely comply with and more often than not are much better than the recommended USP 467 Guidelines.

Microbiological tests are also done for Salmonella.

All the batches of finished product are supplied with HPLC test results showing the strength of the product, which is measured by the amount of Mitragynine & 7-Hydroxymitragynine present in it.


So, you see that has taken many initiatives to become an established name in the kratom industry and we encourage you to buy kratom products from this most original and the oldest vendor in the United States.