ADF Solutions Announces New Product Versions


ADF Solutions Releases New Digital Forensic Software to Power Field Investigations
Triage digital evidence with a single license for smartphones, tablets, and computers

Bethesda, Maryland: ADF Solutions, the leading provider of automated forensic software for investigators and lab examiners, today announced new software versions for Digital Evidence InvestigatorⓇ, Triage-InvestigatorⓇ, Triage-G2Ⓡ, and Mobile Device InvestigatorⓇ software.

Customers who bundle Mobile Device InvestigatorⓇ with any of ADF’s traditional computer forensic tools can perform digital investigations with a single license for smartphones, tablets, and computers as part of Digital Evidence InvestigatorⓇ PRO, Triage-InvestigatorⓇ PRO and Triage-G2Ⓡ PRO.

Raphael Bousquet, CTO of ADF Solutions, was delighted with the updates in this new software version: “In this software release, we continue to focus on finding as much data as possible in our advanced logical acquisition of mobile devices and can locate new artifacts and even recover deleted artifacts. We also added the ability to search for keywords at the last minute during an on-scene scan which was our most requested feature.”

The new versions of ADF digital forensic software feature:

● Simple multi-workstation deployment with a single configuration file
● Improved artifact capture (Android application usage, Instagram for iOS, Grindr for iOS)
● Automatically encrypt backup to collect protected data (MDI: iOS devices)
● Recover deleted records from apps using the SQLite database
● Enter keywords just before a live/boot scan
● Prepare a Collection Key without Search Profiles to select Captures just before a scan (DEI & Triage-G2Ⓡ)
● Prepare a Collection Key with preconfigured or custom Search Profiles (DEI & Triage-G2Ⓡ)

“In an era where time is critical in solving cases, ADF is focused on providing law enforcement with the digital forensic tools they need to start investigations quickly on-scene”, stated Bret Peters, CEO of ADF Solutions. “I am proud of the work our team has done incorporating new features to empower digital first responders dealing with wide varieties of digital investigations.”

Qualified professionals can request a free trial of ADF forensic software at

About ADF Solutions, Inc. ADF Solutions is the global leader in automated digital forensic software for digital investigations. ADF tools streamline digital investigations, reduce forensic backlogs, and provide digital evidence results and intel from iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as computers, external drives, drive images, and other media storage (USB flash drives, memory cards, etc.) devices. Rosoka multilingual entity extraction capabilities are included in Triage-G2® and Triage-G2® PRO and can be purchased as an add-on to Mobile Device InvestigatorⓇ, Digital Evidence Investigator®, Triage-Investigator® or any of ADF’s PRO tools.

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