Create a new revenue stream – become a LanguageCert partner, help your clients through the B1 and A2 SELT tests

Become a LanguageCert partner, help your clients through the B1 and A2 SELT tests and create a new revenue stream 

As one of the UK government’s approved suppliers for the B1 and A2 SELT tests LanguageCert’s recent arrival in this sector has brought an innovative and refreshing approach to the SELT exams.  Working in partnership with lawyers and immigration advisors LanguageCert is making it easier for candidates to take the necessary tests and is also helping immigration advisors and lawyers to create an additional revenue stream for their practice by becoming an official LanguageCert partner.

As an approved LanguageCert partner immigration advisors and lawyers can offer their clients a discount on our Home Office approved tests and they can earn additional fees as part of LanguageCert’s registration scheme for its SELT examinations and portfolio.

Our service helps lawyers and immigration advisors streamline the process for their clients with fast test results guaranteed to ensure that candidates meet their visa application deadlines. LanguageCert provides our partners with an exclusive bundle that includes exam discounts for the test takers, something no other SELT provider does. Alongside the exam discount for the test takers, a simple registration process and a wide variety of free self-study resources, such as practice papers, webinars, videos and further information on how to prepare for the tests.

Abu Taleb, who runs a CS Testing says: “LanguageCert is fast becoming the first choice for candidates who like the way the process works, they appreciate the clear, easy to understand process and I feel that my clients are in a safe pair of hands when they take the SELT tests with LanguageCert. They issue superfast results, preliminary results come through about 20 minutes after the completion of the exam

and official results in just 3 business days, this is very reassuring for clients. As a LanguageCert partner I am happy with the way they have simplified the process for my clients, reliably helping them meet the visa application deadlines”.

LanguageCert has striven to make the B1 and A2 tests as accessible as possible to candidates, with easy-to-understand explainer videos freely available on YouTube.  Step by step guides to taking the exams help take the anxiety out of the tests. This is especially helpful for candidates concerned or overwhelmed about the thought of taking a test.

Andrew Harrison, of LanguageCert says: “Our goal at LanguageCert is to make the whole process easy for our candidates and at the help lawyers and immigration advisors guide their clients through the process and help them generate additional income.  Even though we are still fairly new in this space we are getting feedback from immigration advisors that their clients see us as a refreshing and reliable new entry into the sector.  Candidates like our innovative approach, which is client focussed and as user friendly as possible.  Even during the pandemic, we have continued to provide a service, helping candidates prepare, take and pass the tests at our approved test centres”,

LanguageCert exams are high-quality, reliable and developed to the most rigorous standards. They offer flexible and innovative exam administration technologies and systems – focused on making the user experience as easy as possible. LanguageCert exams are Home Office approved and recognised worldwide by official authorities, organisations and Higher Education Institutions.

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