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All over the world, people are either playing sports or watching sports; it is something that happens all of the time. Wherever you look in the media, sports are something that is being broadcasted to the whole world; just think about how many people watching certain events like the Olympics. And if you love sports and want a slice of that financial pie, then why not create your business around something that you can really enjoy. So here are some of the things that you could look to do if you are looking to make money from the sporting industry.

Sports Magazine or Newspaper

If you like to write,  as well as having a love of sport, then you may be able to start a magazine, a newspaper, or even a blog. With all of the sports fans that are around the world, you will not have a problem with getting readers, as long as the content that you are providing is interesting, relevant, and something well-written. The more people that subscribe, buy, or read your magazine or blog, will be how you can make your money. It is a good idea to create something in a niche, though, as that is where the loyal following can come from.

Sports Betting

Betting is not always the best way to make money, as it can be risky and nothing is completely guaranteed. It can also be addictive, so you need to make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons. But there are many that can thrive with their sports betting. And with a sports betting business, it means people can visit you or place bets via your site or store. 

Local Sports Teams

If you are looking to get involved with your local community, as well as make money, then creating sports teams and training for locals can be a good idea, especially if there aren’t many people doing what you want to do, already. The thing with this is that there are quite a lot of start-up costs, as you are likely to need equipment, kit, and even a sports center or field. So it can be a good idea to look up things like the artificial turf cost and how much team kits would be, and so on. It can be a fun way to make money, as you can be coaching and leading teams using the sports that you enjoy.

Sports Marketing, Promotion, and Branding

This business kind of business, in sports marketing, can be something that can help you to thrive, especially if you are promoting some popular teams and being able to create some real quality merchandise. If you are getting into sports marketing, then it means that you should know plenty about teams and how they are doing in their seasons (not to mention the fans and what they want to buy from them). If you get this kind of thing right, then it can make a massive difference and be a lucrative way to go.

Building The Business Of Your Dreams

Everyone has a dream of what they want their business to be like. The dream ultimately revolves around money, but when you think about what you want your business to look like, what you will be selling, and allllll of the other things that you’re going to need to think of when it comes to your business, yours will be different. So although you may feel like you’re running a business that’s just the same as everyone else’s, or if you have an idea that you think is not going to stand out enough, all you have to do is work on making it your own. So to do this, you could think about literally building the business of your dreams from the ground up. There are so many of you that will really benefit from a remodel and a change with your business, and the best way that you can do that, is to build your own business from the ground up. So, let’s show you some of the things that you could do, that should help you have the business of your dreams in no time!

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Building The Foundations

The foundations of your business will be something you will heavily rely on throughout the years. These will be the pillars that hold your business together, that only you and whoever else is involved in your business, will know about. So to build strong foundations, you need to focus on your brand, and think about what you want it to become. If you aren’t creating this hip and modern business, then it really is going to be hard for your to break through. This is what the world is demanding from businesses, so if you were to build a business that was just bland and lifeless, it would be hard to ever make it into something. So think about being bright, being fresh, and being exciting. To build good foundations, and build good relationships early on, you could think about going to trade events!

The Real Exterior

Now this is a project most of you might not want to take on, but for those of you who want to personalise your business, be a bit daring, and move up in the world, then this is going to suit you. You could actually build yourself a business premises, and although the expense will be higher, you’ll save so much over the years. You’ll need to have planning permission, contact contractors, know things like black self colour pipe lengths or the time it’s going to take to finish the project. But when it is finished, this will really make its mark on the business world. You’ll be that small business that built their own premises, and news of that will travel fast!

Making It A Dreamy Business

To make it a dreamy business throughout the years, you just need to be consistent. If you’re surrounding your business in that modern, funky, vibrant energy, then that can’t be taken away. You have to move and adapt with the business world, whilst still sticking to the foundations you built when you first set up your business!


What’s in a Name? According to Reece Johnson, Millions

Entrepreneur-turned-author shares branding secrets that lead to his success

(London) – March 28, 2019 – It has long been said that “clothes make the man” – but in today’s world, an entrepreneur’s brand is even more important.

That’s certainly is the opinion of Reece Johnson. In his new book, “Branding for Millions,” the London-based author and entrepreneur offers a bold, expansive look at the evolution and importance of the personal brand. Johnson takes his readers through his own story as a self-made business leader, as well as detailing how meaningful branding and marketing can help companies achieve their business goals.

“Today, businesses that are properly branded can scale upwards with unprecedented speed,” says Johnson. “By capitalizing on social media’s ability to share branded messages, a business that is true to its brand can succeed where others might fail.”

Johnson learned these lessons in the hectic world of 21st century entrepreneurship, helping develop and sell companies in the fast-paced world of digital startups. His company, Face the Brand, offers digital marketing and social media assistance and counts Microsoft and Google as its valued clients.

“I wrote ‘Branding for Millions’ because I believe in practicing what I preach,” says Johnson. “One of the first lessons I share with people is to believe in their own brands enough to invest in them. If they do, the returns will be great.”

Johnson shares these lessons with aspiring artists and singers who need personal branding advice, businesses who need help launching a product, and companies who need social media help. In his book, he also shares with people that he was able to do all of this while overcoming dyslexia.

“I wear my dyslexia proudly because I’ve learned how to overcome it,” says Johnson. “Now, it’s become a part of my story.”

Johnson’s story is available on Amazon. He is available to discuss the world of personal branding. To schedule an interview with Johnson, contact Erika Yuzon at