carbon footprint

carbon footprint

What A Business Can Do To Improve Their Carbon Footprint

The effect that people and companies have on the environment is an increasing concern with a lot more focus being put on this.  Lots of companies are already doing a lot in terms of reducing waste, recycling and structure insulation to ensure they are playing their part.  People think that if they are too weak to do anything and make an impact, however, if everyone had that view, we would be heading for a catastrophic outcome in terms of things such as global warming.

Here are some of the things that companies can do to help make a difference.

Insulation And Energy

If your company is situated in an older building and there is a risk of heating loss, then the energy efficiency is low and should be looked at.  There are many internal improvements that companies can do to better support this, for example, windows, doors, etc.  If constructing a new building then you may wish to consider metal buildings.  These types of building are not only far easier to construct but they are oozing with opportunity in terms of insulation. The insulation can come in all sorts of thickness and prices.  It is important to review this carefully as you can get great insulation for steel metal buildings that may set you off at the beginning but the long term savings is really good.   Even when these buildings are being constructed there is minimum waste as the steel can be purchased in packs (which also makes it a lot easier to actually assemble).  Smart meters are a good way for employers to see exactly what their energy spend is and how to try and keep on top of it.


It sounds really simple, but recycling is a good way to get involved.  You will notice that in most reputable companies nowadays, they actually have different types of bins for all different types of waste.  This will normally include; plastic, paper, glass and general waste.   These are easy to get in place in the company but are only effective if the people in the area respect the segregation and comply.  Getting recycled waste mixed is not effective.  Companies can sometimes make some money out of this as people are looking to purchase recycled waste.


Although we are now beginning to see things like electric cars on the streets, driving to work is still the most common mode of transport for most people.  This is mainly down to convenience but there are many things companies are doing to try and encourage other modes of transport.  There are cycle to work schemes (some even where the company actually provide the bike), there are subsidised public transport schemes and also, share a car scheme.  These simple initiatives supported in the workplace can help change cultures and behaviours in terms of travelling and help make a much bigger, effective impact overall.

Consider making these changes in your business to improve your carbon footprint.