Introducing Hovr; the World’s First & Only Networking as a Service

Hio is set to start their beta of Hovr; a patent-pending, [easy to set up] tool that makes it simple to build and participate in an engaged community, on any website. Hovr encourages on-site engagement and makes networking around a brand, product or service easy, captivating, and seamless. 

Philadelphia, PA  — Hio, a venture-backed start-up, is showcasing a fresh perspective on relationship building and networking in the post-pandemic world. They have just announced the beta testing of a new, patent-pending software, called Hovr.

Hovr adds a real-time social dimension to any website; allowing website visitors to easily connect and interact with each other and the brand—anytime, anywhere.

Hovr makes it possible to build a vibrant, active, engaged community on an existing website, by simply “hovring” on the website. It is fully brandable and can be ready to use in less than two minutes.

With Hovr, brands can highlight upcoming offers or events, host events such as Q&A sessions through different Hovr channels; get feedback about products and services,  join in the community’s conversation, and even provide more personalized customer service, — all without writing a single line of code.

“We believe Hovr will have a positive impact on brand affinity and will help businesses increase website engagement, get visitors to stay longer, drive up purchase intent, increase SEO value, drive a sense of community, and grow overall revenue,” says Hio’s CEO and Founder, Jason Craparo

Hio is officially testing the Hovr beta with a maximum of 50 companies or website publishers. Those that join the beta will receive early access to new features, live Q&A with Hio leadership, and deep discounts. To find out more about Hovr, or to join the beta, visit:

About Hio
Hio powers the human connection. As a venture-backed start-up that offers a software to help build better relationships, Hio strives to create software that makes networking delightful, while creating amazing customer and event experiences. Hio’s advanced but easy-to-use features will spark delight, build brand affinity, and increase customer and attendee engagement. Power deeper, more dynamic connections today at

SocialBox.Biz local community innovative tech solutions platform announced partnerships with schools

LONDON, July 7, 2020, – Community interest company (CIC) SocialBox.Biz is committed to helping the local community with innovative tech solutions, and they’ve just announced a partnership with High View Primary School and others to further their cause.

Since schools, colleges and universities are expected to meet their social obligations towards their community, country, etc., SocialBox.Biz wants educational institutions to know they are available for partnering and supporting that endeavor.

SocialBox.Biz manages a “Laptops for the Vulnerable Initiative” in which they take outdated no longer needed but still useful electronics from companies, wipe them clean, and place them in accommodation services. These laptops help the refugees, homeless, and older people get into contact with their loved ones, as well as apply to jobs.

Isolated, vulnerable members of the community have long suffered with a shortage of laptops and computers, and SocialBox.Biz has been working to help these groups with its digital inclusion initiative Laptops for the Homeless and Vulnerable Initiative for many years. Now, High View Primary School and from other schools in the London and beyond are already excellent case studies how the educational institutions will be helping those in need and showcasing their non-educational benefits.

The Head of High View Primary School tweeted that they were looking forward to working with SocialBox.Biz’s Homeless and Vulnerable Initiative. Charities supporting older people, homeless and refugees are also included in the initiative. They are excited that their old computers are being reused with Neverware and other open source software, which will prolong the lifespan of old, no longer needed but still useful computer hardware.

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“Neverware has always focused on increasing access to fast, secure computers for the people that need them most,” said Andrew Bauer, CEO of Neverware. “We often say that CloudReady is an operating system for everyone, so I’m pleased and grateful that SocialBox.Biz and High View Primary School are using the CloudReady Home Edition as part of this digital inclusion initiative.”

Ryan Gandola, senior social impact consultant at SocialBox.Biz said,“This cause will also help students from schools and universities learn more about social impact, reuse, rehoming of items, and sustainability and fulfill their social contract at the same time. SocialBox.Biz is always available to deliver its digital inclusion services and support the local community.”

Due to C-19, SocialBox.Biz is ramping up collection efforts, as well as partnerships with local schools and organizations who can participate so that SocialBox.Biz can help homeless centres and older people accommodation services and refugees.

SocialBox.Biz founder Peter Paduh said, “The Laptops for the Homeless and Vulnerable Initiative empowers disadvantaged people and promotes the principle of self-determination via access to the internet. People are able to socialize online with their community, friends, and family and order basic necessities such as groceries. For some people who are already isolated, like the elderly, this is the only contact they may have with the outside world.”

“We are providing schools with an opportunity to look good and attract recognition, awards, and new students, as well as provide an educational opportunity to teach youngsters about the power of giving back,” added Peter.

Reusing old tech also emphasizes the important of sustainability and extending the lifespan of technology to reduce e-waste in the future. Schools can showcase sustainable credentials and also receive green awards and grants for their commitment to the environment.

“We want everyone interested to get involved in this initiative so we can make a big impact on our community moving forward,” said Peter. “Especially with the c-19, there is more we can be doing to help vulnerable.”

Cllr Anton Georgiou from the London Borough of Brent said, “I am pleased to be supporting the brilliant work being done by Peter and SocialBox.Biz. As a local Councillor in Brent, I am acutely aware that there are many vulnerable groups, including young refugees and asylum seekers in my borough who require computer equipment to help them continue learning. Often it is these groups who require the most support, and in these difficult times it is paramount that we do all we can to get them the equipment they need in order to limit any long term impact from being unable to study as normal.

It has been good to introduce SocialBox.Biz to Brent based charities, Young Roots who are also seeking to address the needs of vulnerable groups. I am hopeful that this collaboration will result in more people in Brent getting access to needed computer equipment.”

To organize a collection from your school of office, visit

International workspace provider, Regus, has teamed up with the social enterprise firm SocialBox.Biz to set up donation points in over 100 Regus sites in London and beyond.


About SocialBox.Biz

SocialBox.Biz is a community interest company (CIC) improving the local community by providing innovative tech solutions.


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New webinar series to support the electronic warfare and RF community

CRFS, a global leader in RF spectrum monitoring, management, and geolocation solutions, has launched a new series of webinars to support and educate those working in the electronic warfare and spectrum monitoring community.

Many people have been unable to attend the usual conferences and seminars this year due to the international reaction to Covid-19. As such, CRFS embarked on a campaign to keep these critical conversations going, inform audiences and further enlighten traditional defense and security users to the increasing capability that RF detection, geolocation and management delivers.

After the success of the CRFS Spring webinars which began in March, the Summer Series focuses on key topics such as Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), military spectrum management and counter drone technologies. Many of the topics will be supported by additional industry leading companies and experts, allowing a deep dive into the topics from varied perspectives. Uncovering new ways to derive value from RF intelligence will help attendees connect previously disparate elements of information to deliver a more complete intelligence picture.

“These webinars are a fantastic way to engage with our customers and the wider community,” commented James Shepperd, VP Marketing at CRFS. “While many people are at home, there is a real appetite for them to broaden their understanding of the RF domain and uncover new ways to derive value from RF data. That’s equally true for military, security or regulatory organizations”

The first ‘Summer Series’ webinar will be on the 9th of July and will cover I/Q Signal Intelligence – COMINT Capture, Decode and Demodulate, it will be supported by an expert from Decodio (specialists in digital signal processing and signal intelligence).

Registration for this webinar and the other upcoming webinars is now open at

About CRFS
CRFS creates deployable systems to detect, identify and geolocate signals in complex RF environments. We provide end-to-end automated solutions for spectrum management and deconfliction, interference hunting and threat detection, using our intelligent receiver technology, software, and advanced analytics. Our RFeye systems are widely deployed by military, intelligence, law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

CRFS designs, builds, programs and deploys systems and solutions from their production facilities in the UK and USA. We also have a network of trusted international partners that provide local support to our global customer base.

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Halo Creative Labs Adds Creative Expertise to AngelMD Community

Leading Healthcare Investment Platform Integrates Full Service Creative Agency to Help Promote Promising Startups

Denver, Colorado, USA
June 11, 2020

AngelMD is extending its support of medtech startups and its healthcare membership through its wholly owned subsidiary, Halo Creative Labs. The firm is an independent full-service creative agency headquartered in Denver, and led by veteran Executive Creative Director Dave Farmer.

The AngelMD community connects thousands of healthcare startups, physician and dental practices, hospital systems and industry organizations. Each of these groups has an important story to tell, and the creative and technical demands of doing this successfully can often be overwhelming. Halo Creative Labs combines its creative talents with significant expertise in healthcare, and other verticals, to craft digital marketing campaigns, enhance online presence, produce high-end videos, vlogs and podcasts, and support a wide range of client marketing efforts. The creative team understands the nuances and changing landscape that is critical when working and promoting healthcare businesses, and the services provided by the Halo team have become indispensable to the growing AngelMD community.

“AngelMD is working to be more effective and efficient in helping startups achieve success. Not only do we provide access to capital, educational resources, key physician advisors and industry mentors, but we understand how crucial it is to be able to communicate a business’ value proposition. It is our belief that a young company’s brand story must be developed in order to maximize the effectiveness of any capital infusion. Halo Creative Labs has helped a rapidly growing lineup of startups on our platform get the attention they deserve through best-in-class digital marketing campaigns, high-end video production, and brand development. The entire AngelMD team is excited to expand this winning partnership in 2020 and beyond,” said Tobin Arthur, CEO, AngelMD.

“Over the last 13 years, the Halo Creative Labs team has focused on helping early stage startups craft a compelling narrative with a strong value proposition that stands out to potential investors. Our partnership with AngelMD is a natural fit, and we look forward to helping the AngelMD team build winners out of the vast array of innovative healthcare companies that are active in the AngelMD community,” said Dave Farmer, Executive Creative Director, Halo Creative Labs.

About AngelMD
AngelMD is an online Healthcare Investment and Innovation Marketplace, connecting and engaging a network of healthcare providers and subject matter experts, angel and institutional investors and private healthcare companies through a technology platform to create better outcomes for investors, entrepreneurs and patients. For more information, visit

About Halo Creative Labs
Halo Creative Labs is a full service creative agency specializing in digital, motion and brand campaigns, focused on helping businesses communicate their story and mission in an increasingly digital world. For more information and to book a consultation, visit

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[Phoenix, AZ – May 13, 2020] Fullbay, the leading shop management software for heavy-duty repair shops, is pleased to introduce Fullbay Cares, the company’s new initiative designed to give back to the heavy-duty repair community. The ongoing program will provide assistance via charitable donations, educational resources, employee volunteering, and more. To kick off the program, Fullbay Cares is currently hosting a month-long contribution to help those who have been impacted by COVID-19.

Throughout May, every time a U.S.-based shop signs up with Fullbay, Fullbay Cares will make a donation to Feeding America; for each Canadian-based shop that signs up, they will contribute to Food Banks Canada. Both hunger-relief organizations stock hundreds of food banks across North America, helping to feed hungry families and raise awareness.

“This isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the only thing to do,” said Jacob Findlay, CEO and co-founder of Fullbay. “Those in the heavy-duty community continue to put themselves on the front lines to ensure trucks keep running and people keep receiving food and supplies. We knew we had to do something. Too often we see something going wrong and say, ‘Why doesn’t somebody help?’ This is our chance to help – to do something.’”

Interstate Billing Service, American Diesel Training Center, and Find a Wrench have also jumped aboard, partnering with Fullbay Cares to support its mission to give back.

“Interstate Billing Service is proud to participate along with Fullbay in this campaign to give back to the charitable organizations serving our communities and feeding families in need,” said Jason Windham, president of Interstate Billing Service. “Our mission is to help our customers and team members prosper, and that is only possible when our communities prosper. We have been amazed to see how our customers and team members are giving back during this time, and we are proud to do our part.”

Fullbay Cares is a long-term initiative to bring together the heavy-duty repair community, connecting partners and providing assistance to the essential workforce keeping commercial fleets operating in good times and bad.

About Fullbay
Fullbay provides heavy-duty repair shop management software to streamline workflows and improve efficiency. Launched in 2015, Fullbay helps shops increase technician productivity, invoice faster, better manage parts, connect with other applications, and more. By reducing administrative and management tasks that have slowed down shops for years, Fullbay customers have better-run and more profitable businesses. For more information, visit

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Ex-Tesla owner creates free online resource for UK Tesla community

Tesla has had a significant amount of growth in the last few years in the UK. So much so, that the Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling new vehicle for the month of April.

As semi-early adopters of Tesla in the UK, we decided to get our Model S in 2016. We had 3 incredible years with the car but as the family grew, we decided to sell it for a bigger and more comfortable family car.

We started trying to sell our car on Tesla forums, where people list vehicles or parts that they own and are looking to sell.

These forums were a clear miss, as they were littered with unorganized content. Even though our post received some interest, it was quickly overpassed by other people selling charging cables, and car covers.

We felt that our listing deserved more attention than it received, we were selling a fantastic car for a great price.

We were recommended by friends to post our car on an online marketplace called Autotrader but realized that it would cost us 40 pounds for a simple 2 week advert.

Our experience taught us that the Autotrader audience was more focused on finding petrol vehicles rather than electric cars.

Our paid Autotrader listing got very little interest, and after two weeks our listing had expired. We tried our luck uploading to other free online car websites but also were not successful.

Our frustrations with the sale of our Tesla pushed us to create the platform we needed, a free Tesla-only marketplace that is efficient and effective.

UsedTeslaWorld is the easiest way to sell your Tesla or parts in the UK. You can add your Tesla vehicle, or any parts completely free.

Seller listings are published directly to an audience of Tesla enthusiasts, people who care and understand the value in buying a Tesla. Any interested buyer can contact you privately, also for free.

We hope to continue helping the Tesla community by providing value with a resource that is free and continues to support a sustainable way of transportation.

You can find all the current used Teslas for sale here and any parts for sale here.

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FinTech Innovators Fablious Launch Alternative Finance Community

Fablious launches its new community for consumers to transform the UK lending market

As of today, Fablious launches its new online Alternative Finance Community for the UK market. It aims to transform the way users use and discover financial products and alternatives to traditional credit. Fablious works alongside some of the latest pioneering brands in the alternative finance sphere to bring FCA regulated alternative finance products to the customer in a completely innovative way.

The Alternative Finance Community allows users to browse and compare offerings available on the alternative finance market, offering them an extensive selection of products available to consumers who may have been rejected for more traditional forms of credit. Fablious’ bespoke algorithm works to present customers with the FCA-regulated products that are most suited to their individual needs.

Fablious understands that there are many reasons why a lender may reject an applicant for credit; it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are unsuitable for borrowing. Many lenders and credit reference agencies struggle to obtain information about applicants due to the fact that they’ve never taken out any credit. Alternatively, lenders may also reject applicants if they have already reached their quota for the month. With Fablious, there is less of an emphasis on whether or not a consumer can meet the rigid criteria of a lender, and more on assisting individual needs.

With the creation of an online Alternative Finance Community, customers can find and compare a diverse selection of different financial options; from credit builders to deposit free renting options to interest-free prepaid cards and buy now pay later groceries. Consumers can find a variety of different options to make their lives easier.

By creating this online community, Fablious ensures that customers are using regulated products, safeguarding them against any affordability issues and ensuring that their rights are protected. By searching the market for tailor-made products for specific needs, Fablious helps to eliminate the risks associated with borrowing for both consumer and lender.

“Our aim is to help customers find sensible solutions for credit by finding specialist alternative finance products. We understand that the customer can struggle with finding credit for a number of different reasons, which is why we comparatively search and compare all of the products on the alternative finance market to find solutions that minimise the risk of lending. Our intention with creating Fablious is to help customers to find products that responsibly solve their need for credit, and we hope to achieve that through Fablious’ Alternative Finance Community.” said David Evans, CEO at Fablious.

For press enquiries, please contact:

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