Global Transformation Ecosystem OpenExO Announces ExO World: Now! Online Collaborative Event

As lockdown continues around the world, the energetic and agile team behind OpenExO, the global transformation ecosystem connecting world-class professionals, has announced ExO World: Now! a global one-day online event on 12 May 2020 that will explore the current scenario and find solutions to global challenges triggered and highlighted by COVID-19.

ExO World: Now! is a condensed, one day version of the very successful ExO World Digital Summit that took place on 14-16th April 2020, where more than 2,800 people and 130 speakers gathered inside an interactive online ‘festival’ with one sole purpose – envision how the current global situation can serve as an opportunity to rethink and recreate our future. The 3-day virtual gathering resulted in 56 hours of awe-inspiring content, 200 breakout sessions, 2,700 networking connections, and 10,300 chat messages discussing transformative topics like Biotechnology, SDGs, the Future of Government to psychedelics, peak performance and the exponential renaissance.

Attendees like Valentine Stockdale, Managing Director of Strategy at Blueprints said ExO World was “the best event I have ever attended” and others described the event as “game-changing, trailblazing, a breakthrough, brilliant, truly amazing, a festival like no other, and much better than traditional conferences”.

“After ExO World in April the requests by attendees came pouring in so we responded with ExO World: Now! to help re-live the original atmosphere, content, interactions and the sense of magic we all experienced in April,” said OpenExO Chairman & Founder and lead author of Exponential Organizations, Salim Ismail.

ExO World was conceptualized as a result of the COVID19 global pandemic, with a fast-thinking and nontraditional approach to a global gathering to create, share and evaluate toolsets and ideas to be implemented at a personal, company, or institutional level. Bringing forward their remote-working expertise the OpenExO organizers are aimed at regenerating humanity forward while simultaneously shining a light on the opportunities and positive transformation that can be accomplished virtually while achieving a zero-carbon, efficient, personalized, and highly engaging event experience with breakout sessions, networking and open spaces for collaborative solution-building.

The aim of ExO World is for the proceeds to fund initiatives and outcomes from the events that are aligned with transforming humanity. As a result of April’s ExO World event, $10,000 was donated to DreamTank, a nonprofit aimed at igniting kids through entrepreneurship and innovation.

“The ExO World format was something the world has never seen before and it worked extremely well. We set a massive transformative purpose (MTP) of transforming the world, then we gave attendees a scaffolding by which they could find their own path during the event, whether through climate change, AI or transforming their company… leading them to a huge outcome that they may not have known possible, making them very engaged and excited about the possibilities of the future” says Salim Ismail.

Speakers include:
John Hagel, Salim Ismail, Jason Silva, Nishan Degnarain, Sylvia Earle, Heidi Cuppari, Jeff Booth, Divya Chander, Raymond McCauley, Scott Summit, Andrew Yang, Jerry Michalski, Ramez Naam,
Nicole Dreiske, Jim Kwik, Steven Kotler, Faiz Nazarali, Jim Harris, Vishen Lakhiani, John Mackey, Emilie Sydney-Smith, Nishan Degnarain, Zenia Tata, Sylvia Benito, Ajay Agarwal and more.

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Elbe Valley Medical is Virtually Merging with The Optimal Outcome Ecosystem

Elbe Valley Medical is Virtually Merging with The Optimal Outcome Ecosystem. An LOI for up to $10M (USD) has been signed with Optimal Outcome Solutions for Breakthrough Cancer Treatment on completion of their Virtual Merger

• Virtual Merger provides access to a fully developed business ecosystem to support our ambitious growth plans
• Up to $10Million funding round and additional resources to facilitate pioneering research and development on completion of their Virtual Merger
• Funds to be spent on product development to enable commercialisation.

Mullingar, Ireland: Elbe Valley Medical, a privately held company that is developing a breakthrough treatment using microbots to destroy damaged or unwanted tissue such as Cancer in animals and humans, today announced the successful instantiation of a virtual merger with Optimal Outcome Solutions via its Ecosystem of Affiliates in the United States and will receive up to $10Million in funding subject to completion of the virtual merger. The company plans to use the new liquidity and resources; to further invest in pioneering research and development, accelerate international growth and commercialisation in the veterinary market in 2020.

“We are extremely pleased to be making this announcement today and to affiliate with Optimal. Their support enables us to bring our nanotechnology platform into the veterinary space firstly and later to the clinic. Our technology aims to vastly reduce the cost of cancer care, whilst delivering better outcomes for our patients. This virtual merger was an excellent choice for us as a young company, as we gain access to a fully developed business ecosystem to support and enable our ambitious growth plans.” said Robert Reynolds, Founder and Executive Chairman of Elbe Valley Medical.

Bob Reno
Executive Chairman
Optimal Outcome Solutions
“Optimal Outcome Solutions, its Ecosystem of Affiliates and the Optimal Outcome Fund look forward to collaborating with Elbe Valley Medical on completion of their Virtual Merger to bring advancements to cancer treatment which promise a more optimal outcome for all touched by cancer. We expect Elbe Valley Medical to be a cornerstone of innovation within our strategy in healthcare.”

The World Health Organisation predicts that new cancer cases will rise from 18.1 million in 2018 to 29.5 million by 2040. Elbe Valley Medical believes that its micro-robot technology will become the logical choice for healthcare providers entrusted with providing late-stage therapy to cancer sufferers worldwide.

About Elbe Valley Medical

Elbe Valley Medical Limited is a privately funded research company dedicated to developing novel treatments for medical conditions using pioneering microbot technology.

The company was founded in 2017 and is named after the Elbe Valley river in Dresden, Germany where its founder Robert Reynolds invented the proprietary method to treat late stage cancer tumours with microbots.

For more about Optimal Outcome Solutions:

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