events 2023

events 2023

Crazy Facts and Events: 2023 Edition

Crazy Facts and Events: 2023 Edition

Now that the 2023 season has come to an end, we are here to recap some of the important things we learned in that year as well as some crazy events that took place.

Two male mice produce live offspring

Science is ever-growing, trying to make new inventions and innovations to make human as well as animal life easier. In Osaka university, Japan, scientists have successfully “bred” two male mice for the first time ever, according to a study in a journal Nature that was published in March. Scientists took skin cells from the tails of these male mice and used those to make artificial eggs which were then implanted into a female mouse, eventually producing live offspring. This is a crazy innovation because it can prove to be a great asset in saving endangered species or even help in fertility treatments. 

China Challenged America once again

China and America are in a duel, trying to fight one another to see who is at the top. While the whole world has been running on dollars for ages, China decided to do a power move and switch up their game a bit, by introducing their own currency yuan or renminbi for international trades. And in 2023 the Chinese yuan overtook the American dollar as the most widely used currency for cross-border payments.

Scientists extracted more rocks

Rocks are fascinating, of course, we all have rocks that we like, whether it be a random rock we have that reminds us of our childhood, or diamonds and gems that hold emotional and cultural significance to us. However, the rocks that we’re talking about here are extracted from Earth’s mantle. There have been many unsuccessful attempts that can be dated back to 1961. In May, they made another attempt which ended up being successful, and they gathered sample after sample of the dense rock for the first time. It was done through the ocean, with a drilling vessel sent to a special spot where the earth’s mantle has been pushed close to the ocean bed because of tectonic activity near the mid-Atlantic ridge, or as the area is called, Moho. The samples are being tested and are helping us understand what lies under the Earth’s crust.

How Mythology still exists in our lives

Greek Mythology is something that seems to only exist now in tales and stories, however that’s not true. One of the deities holding significance is Goddess Hestia. She is referred to as the guardian of the hearth and the symbol of home. In this era, which revolves around technology, advancements, and societal changes, the need to feel at home and the need to belong remains. Hestia’s emphasis on hearth, home, and hospitality, all symbolize the intrinsic need of humans for connection, familial ties, and warmth.

Our lives now are complex, intricately woven into the modern world. Sometimes we need to step back and look through a different lens, through the wisdom of Hestia. We need to remind ourselves of the importance of cherishing our homes, nurturing our relationships selflessly, and the essential need to embrace the essence of warmth and hospitality.

Where there is a will, there is a way

This saying has been used so many times, however one man proved the truth attached with this sentence. A study was published in May in the journal Nature, in which a man with paralysis was able to walk again more than a decade after his injury by using just his will power and thoughts, with a little aid from brain and spinal implants. The said implants use artificial technology that decodes electrical signals sent from his brain and sends them to his muscles. This new found connection was basically replacing his natural nerves. Spinal implants have existed before but they would have to make signals on their own, these ones are decoding and interpreting signals sent from his own brain.


So many crazy things have happened in 2023, these are just a few stories. From artificially made live mice from two males to a paralyzed man being able to walk again by just using his willpower. Humanity is constantly improving and we’re seeing the ethical effects of technology as well. Another hopeful part is the recognition of the Greek Goddesses and the lessons they teach; besides the crazy popular mythological stories, we are coming to realize the depths of the Character they hold.