The Cost of Living Crisis Is Taking A Toll on Carers’ Mental Health

A recent survey of 2,709 UK adults has examined the relationship between the cost of living crisis and the mental health of carers.  The survey was conducted by Surewise, one of the UK’s leading providers of insurance for carers and personal assistants.

Key findings:

Mental health provision for carers is lacking. 73.2% of carers feel that being a carer has had a negative impact on their mental health at times.
Carers are hit hard by the cost of living crisis. 74.6% of carers strongly agree or agree that the cost of living crisis has had a negative impact on their mental health
Money worries are a frequent theme. 69.8% of carers are not confident that they will be able to manage financially in the next year
Basic necessities are top on the list of financial cutbacks for carers. 65% of carers are cutting back on daily essentials such as food in response to the cost of living crisis, with 32% cutting into their savings.

“Research prior to the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the lack of mental health provision for carers, and this study is demonstrating once again the urgent need for increased support for this sector,” comments Stuart Bensusan, Director of Surewise.
“Despite the hard work and sacrifice carers, both paid and unpaid, make every single day, it’s also clear that there is a fundamental failure to provide financial support for those working in this sector.
Carers are already facing an increased burden of responsibility for the people they care for, with many unpaid carers reducing their income in order to do so. That the vast majority of carers are not sure how they will get through the next year is something that urgently needs to be addressed.”

65% of carers cutting back on essential spending

The survey revealed that 65% of carers are cutting back on essential items, such as food and heating, in response to the cost of living crisis. Over a quarter or carers surveyed are borrowing or using credit – 16.4% are using credit cards in response to the cost of living crisis, while 11.4% have been forced to borrow money from family or friends.
The majority (47.3%) of carers surveyed felt that increased carers benefits was the number one thing that needs to be done to better support carers in the UK. Interesting, despite three-quarters of carers agreeing that their mental health has been negatively impacted, just 11.9% felt they needed more support for mental health.
About Surewise
Surewise is a specialist provider for carers insurance and other insurance products, including mobility scooter insurance and home insurance. Launched in 2014, Surewise aims to always provide affordable, high-quality insurance that ultimately gives customers the peace of mind that they’re covered against life’s unexpected risks.

Survey commissioned by using Google Surveys. Survey conducted on 2,709 adults aged 18+ and based in the UK, collected between 29th September and 3rd October 2022.


BGI UK joins KYND’s Broker Programme to simplify and accelerate cyber insurance sales

KYND Limited, provider of pioneering cyber risk management products, today announced that specialist insurer BGI.UK has become a member of the recently launched KYND Broker Programme to help its broker members overcome the industry-specific challenges they’re facing when selling cyber policies and drive the sustainable growth of the cyber insurance market.

The exclusive KYND Broker Programme uses KYND’s pioneering cyber risk technology and insights to provide its members with unrivalled access to the cyber tools, resources, and 360-degree sales support that enables brokers to become cyber experts and provide the best information and advice to their clients, removing many of the obstacles faced when selling cyber insurance.

Andy Thomas, KYND’s CEO, comments: “We are delighted BGI.UK has joined the KYND Broker programme. As cyber risks continue to impact businesses, now more than ever, cyber insurance is a necessity, not a luxury. With our Broker Programme we aim to demystify cyber risk for both brokers and their clients by giving our members the tools and support to effectively meet the growing need for cyber insurance”.

Nick Elwell,’s CEO, adds: “We aim to give the best practical advice and service to our clients, but in a world where cyber risks are evolving and emerging daily, this presents ever-growing challenges. That’s why we’re absolutely delighted to join the KYND Broker Programme. For the first time, we can instantly access expert cyber insights in an easy to understand way that we can share with our clients and full support for our brokers throughout the sales process which is invaluable in ensuring we continue to deliver the ultimate service to our insureds”.

About KYND
Founded in March 2018 and headquartered in London, KYND is a new breed of cyber company. KYND makes complex cyber risks simple to understand and manage for every organisation, regardless of size, means or industry sector.

About is a privately owned, independent insurance broker regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Established in 1982, has developed a portfolio of clients throughout the UK who operate worldwide. Specialising in a variety of insurances ranging from complex commercial risks to everyday ‘home and contents’ offer bespoke, tailored insurance solutions to clients directly or as a wholesale broker imparting technical expertise and providing access to niche market areas.

– For more information about KYND visit
– For more information on BGI.UK, please visit www.

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Life insurance is now as important as home insurance to UK parents

In a recent study, Bournemouth based myTribe Insurance found that life insurance is now seen to be as important as home insurance to UK parents.

After seeing a surge in demand for life cover, myTribe surveyed a total of 3,472 members of the British public to find out which insurance products they consider to be the most important.

In their survey they found that:

– Car insurance and contents insurance remain the most popular types of cover
– Life insurance is now seen to be as important to UK parents as home insurance
– Despite the looming threat of longer NHS waiting lists, private health insurance is still seen as a luxury purchase

Reviewing the findings, it is perhaps not surprising that more of us want some protection should the worst happen. After all, for much of this year, we’ve been reminded on a nearly daily basis of just how fragile life can be.

However, the UK’s take-up for protection policies has been reducing over time with some 42% of those with mortgages still not having life insurance in place.

Chris Steele, Founder of myTribe Insurance said,

“Since the start of the Coronavirus crisis, we have seen an exponential rise in the quantity of life insurance quotes we process. While other types of protection, such as private medical insurance, have flatlined, the growth in life insurance policies has been quite astonishing.”

Article originally published at

*Respondents were asked between 25/05/2020 – 08/06/2020

Statistics taken from

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Turning life insurance on its head

A unique insurance policy aimed at allowing people to fulfil their dreams in the unfortunate event that they are diagnosed with a terminal illness or a life-changing injury/illness has been launched by Resurety Ltd. The policy is called the Bucket List Plan.

The policy differs from critical illness and life policies as it pays out a benefit that allows recipients to fulfil their life’s dreams, known as a bucket list. This is all achieved through a personalised concierge service that assists beneficiaries to make the arrangements and pay for their bucket list adventures. The plan even covers the cost of a friend or partner to accompany them.

The purpose of the Bucket List Plan is to provide the funds and the means to enable the plan recipient to pursue and do all the things they want to do – at the time when it matters the most.

Official figures show that there are over 11 million people with a limiting long-term illness, impairment or disability. The majority of disabled people acquire their disability later in life and many of these might have qualified for the plan.

David Abingdon, Managing Director of Resurety Ltd.

The plan has been created by David Abingdon, Managing Director of Resurety Ltd.

David said: “The Bucket List Plan is a totally new and innovative insurance product that turns life insurance on its head. Instead of paying when people die, this policy is designed to pay while people are still alive.

“Statistics show that around 75% of people that die are aware that they are going to die within the next year or so.

“Our plan would enable people to experience some of the things that they had always wanted to do.

“The money from the claim pay-out is used to pay a lump sum to the insured and the balance to our contracted concierge. They will organise whatever arrangements are necessary to meet the bucket list dreams and aspirations of the insured.

“If at the time of claim the insured person can’t or no longer wishes to take the bucket list benefits then the entire policy pay-out is given to them.

“Furthermore, should the insured die before a claim is made then the policy reverts to a traditional life policy and is paid out.”

The Bucket List Plan pays out on one of three events:

1. If the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness and the prospect is that they will die within 12 months.

2. If the insured suffers a life changing serious illness or injury that prevents them from carrying certain day to day functions or from working in their own or similar occupation

3. If they die

The Bucket List Plan offers two levels of cover:

The Standard Plan

This is the lower cost option and provides a wide and varied bucket list of experiences. There are also several other essential benefits including the ability to take someone else who can share the bucket list experiences. Additionally, there is also a generous lump sum and daily cash allowance during travel.

The Elite Plan

This offers all of the benefits of the Standard Plan but provides a larger pot of money which can enable the insured to take business class flights and experience 5-star hotel accommodation. There is also a higher lump sum benefit.

According to Marie Curie – ‘Changing the conversation’ (April 2015), 571,700 people died in 2014. Most of them would have been living with a terminal illness. Latest figures show 616,014 people dying in 2018. This is increasing annually.

There are over 11 million people with a limiting long-term illness, impairment or disability.

The majority of disabled people acquire their disability later in life.

David Abingdon has been in the insurance industry since 1983 when he joined National Mutual in Melbourne Australia. Extending his skills into insurance and financial product development he created several new and innovative products in both the life and pensions/superannuation markets. Returning to the UK in 1992, he worked in medical insurance field sales before entering in a joint venture arrangement with a large health insurer to build a direct marketing division. In 1997 he founded Insurety PLC (recently known as April UK). Over the next five years he led the company, with its subsidiary, Capital Healthcare into new markets and success.

Over the last few years David has worked as a consultant working in a wide range of business sectors.

For further information and comment please contact:
David Abingdon
T: 07860 433328/02034758011

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GhostDraft Unveils the Next Wave of Insurance Communications

Insurers can now create, manage, and deliver two-way, highly interactive communications.

TORONTO, June 23, 2020 – GhostDraft, an industry leader in customer communications management (CCM), today announced the launch of LiveDocs. LiveDocs is a modern, highly interactive, and secure document format using web-based technology. It offers a new way for insurance carriers to transform complex and static communications into useful, easy to understand, and engaging experiences.

“As the world is changing in profound ways, so is customer expectations,” said Larsen Lockwood-Hall, CEO of GhostDraft. “The way we live, work, buy, consume, and interact has changed for good. Customers are demanding personalized, two-way, data-driven, responsive, and interactive communications. That’s why we are bringing you GhostDraft LiveDocs, empowering you to seamlessly collaborate with your team to create, manage, deliver, and track rich HTML5-based communications.”

Features of LiveDocs include:
• Interactive forms
• Interactive graphs and charts
• AI-driven voice query
• Live calculators
• Personalized video
• Chatbot integration
• Omnichannel delivery
• Encrypted, unchangeable format
• Advanced authentication
• Integration to payment gateway
• Search, sort and filter
• Export to excel, save to PDF, or print

By creating one template that adapts to any device upon delivery, GhostDraft LiveDocs provides insurers an intuitive way to develop clear, compelling communications that:
• Deliver an enriched customer experience
• Reduce print, postage, call center, and support costs
• Reduce average days-to-pay
• Create a competitive advantage
• Strengthen, expand and acquire customer relationships

LiveDocs is useful for:
• Quotes
• Customer onboarding
• Billing statements and invoices
• Marketing communications
• Policy documents and renewals
• First notice of loss
• Claims communication
• General correspondence
• Life insurance annual statement
• Agent onboarding and commission statements
• Shareholder investment statements

LiveDocs is available now and includes a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model. For more information on LiveDocs, visit GhostDraft LiveDocs or view a sample insurance billing LiveDoc.

About GhostDraft
Meet your customers’ changing needs with the leading digital engagement technology for top insurers. Our advanced customer communication and document automation solutions integrate into your business to create better experiences, greater efficiency, and more agility across any platform. For more information, visit, email, or call 855-776-2016.

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Save more than you pay for UK life insurance with Primas Life

A new UK life insurance company is promising to make buying cover easier and more rewarding than ever by offering instant online quotes and access to £1,000s in offers and discounts – which could see policyholders save more than they spend.

Primas Life was launched on Friday (22 May) with a pitch to revolutionise life insurance for under 60s by giving them total control over the cost of their policy. After answering five simple medical questions, customers can increase or decrease the total coverage amount and term length to generate a tailored fit monthly premium.

The insurance policy, provided by Cignpost Life and underwritten by iptiQ, also gives customers access to Primas Rewards – an exclusive scheme that provides discounts on everyday brands. The offers can be redeemed on any day of the week, are claimable from the moment their policy starts, and can save families over £1,000 per year.

Current offers include:
• Up to 7% off supermarkets (Tesco, M&S, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and more)
• Up to 15% off department stores (Debenhams, John Lewis and more)
• Up to 40% off cinemas (Odeon, Vue, Cineworld and more)
• Up to 50% off travel (hotels, packages, upgrades and more)
• Plus thousands of local and cashback offers

Monty Sykes, Chief Operating Officer of Primas Life, said:
“We founded Primas Life out of a drive to do things differently. Other insurers force their customers to fill out endless forms, sometimes by hand, and dictate the terms and costs of the policy. They often require doctors reports and medical checks, and those that do offer rewards make life difficult by restricting the days on which they can be redeemed.

“We think it’s time for life insurance that puts the customer first. We offer completely policies that are easy to understand and deliver quotes within minutes. Our rewards scheme offers discounts which are redeemable seven days a week and can be accessed as soon as you start your policy.

“We’re all about giving people choice. Our customers choose what they want to pay, they choose the amount and length of cover they want and they choose how to use their rewards. It’s fast, simple and for those who take sufficient advantage of their rewards, could see families save more than they spend.”

Policies start from £8 per month and offer access to rewards until May 2023. Rewards can be accessed either through the website or the Primas Rewards app.
To get an instant quote, visit

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Market People Awards 2019 – The London Insurance Market celebrates excellence with a sparkle!

Over 160 professionals gathered together on 12th November 2019 at the prestigious Banking Hall in the heart of the City of London for the annual Market People Awards, run and hosted by the LondonMarket’s popular “free to access” thought-leadership and networking hub, London Market Forums (LMForums), in association with their publication, Market People Magazine. The Awards, now in their fourth year, have become a favourite with the London Insurance Market and this year saw the biggest ever attendance.

Roger Oldham, Founder of LMForums and host of the action packed evening commented “I am delighted that the Market People Awards have become a London Market annual highlight for so many professionals, executives and suppliers. We are immensely proud to have created an awards ceremony, complete with a stunning entertainment show, that allows practitioners of all levels and disciplines to be recognised by their peers in such a fair way, nominated by market professionals and judged by them too. We hope that the Market People Awards will grow, year on year! We are already planning for the 2020 event.

The Headline Sponsor for the Awards this year was Charles Taylor InsureTech who’ve been long term supporters of LMForums. 2019 saw more nominations received than ever before. The judges selected 15 incredible winners from the underwriting, broking and supplier community, who all looked proud as they collected their stunning trophies on the stage at the “ show-time” themed celebration. The evening also raised £3255 from a Grand Prize Draw in aid of the incredible Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. The Trust supports families who have a child aged 0-18 years with a life threatening or terminal illness. Thanks to the kind generosity of the London Market audience.

Winners this year included…………

• Claims Professional/Team of the Year – Scott Keller of Liberty Specialty Markets
• Broking Professional/Team of the Year – Qasim Akbar of Capsicum Re
• Underwriting Professional/Team of the Year – Alex Hardy of Beazley
• Market Inclusion & Diversity Champion – Theresa Farrenson of Aon
• Young Person of the Year – Hanan Guthmy of Brit Insurance
• Outstanding Contribution to Technology & Innovation – Stephen Holdstock of Lloyd’s LMTOM
• Outstanding Contribution To Human Resources & L&D – James Shepherd of Tokio Marine Kiln
• Outstanding Contribution to Industry Transformation – Allen Bruce of Lloyd’s
• Outstanding Contribution to Operations & Change – Brad O’Connor of Beazley
• Outstanding Contribution to Legal & Compliance – James Linsao of QIC Global
• Lifetime Achievement Award – Neil Lightbown of Allied World
• Advisory Services Supplier of the Year – CyberCube
• Technology Supplier of the Year Award – Morning Data
• HR & L&D Supplier of the Year Award – Sheridan Resolutions
• Legal Services Supplier of the Year Award – Clyde & Co

Allen Bruce, Head of Change Management at Lloyd’s of London said “I’m absolutely delighted and proud to receive the Outstanding Contribution to Industry Transformation at this year’s LMForums Market People Awards – especially as it’s voted for by the Market. I really am touched and appreciate this recognition from my industry peers. I’d like to thank my change team and everyone in the Market who is doing everything they can to support the changes that are making a difference to the value and service that we provide for our customers every day”.

With special thanks to our sponsors Charles Taylor InsureTech, Net Diligence, Allied World, Liberty Specialty Markets, Aon, Brit Insurance, Sheridan Resolutions, Morning Data Ltd, Scarlet Fraser Associates, Amica Interactive, Netcall, Consilio LLC, Perfect City Events, QIC Global & Market People Magazine.

London Market Forums (LMForums), which is headquartered in the Leadenhall Building in the City of London, is the networking and thought leadership group for professionals from the Lloyd’s and wider London Insurance Market
Contact: – Membership and sponsorship enquiries Telephone: +44 (0)203 551 9188

Market People Magazine
Market People Magazine is the publication for insurance professionals working in the London Insurance Market. The magazine is produced quarterly by LMForums and reaches thousands of practitioners and suppliers connected to the famous Lloyd’s and London Insurance Market.

Perfect City Events
The new dedicated global events management firm from the same professionals behind the City events and networking hub, LMForums. Perfect City Events take immense pride in producing events for their clients that are memorable, superbly executed and enjoyed by staff, clients and guests alike. From smallest round table breakfast to luxury banquets and award ceremonies for hundreds of people, PerfectCityEvents will deliver every time.

Rainbow Trust
The Trust supports families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness and are in the greatest need. Their Family Support Workers provide a life line to these families and children at home, in hospital and in the community. Any family can receive support from the moment of their child or young person’s diagnosis.

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Merger Creates New Services Division for Tedaisy Insurance Group

Tedaisy Insurance Group and Intrinsia Insurance Group have merged under the umbrella of Tedaisy Insurance Group (Tedaisy), in a strategic all share deal to accelerate growth.

The merger unites four trading entities in which Tedaisy now holds 100% of the equity:

• Alpha Underwriting, an MGA specialising in travel, accident and health and pet insurance.
• Practice Cover, an insurance broker specialising in providing insurance solutions to medical professionals and surgeries.
• Intrinsia Brokers, trading as, selling online pet insurance.
• Intrinsia Claims, an in-house pet insurance claims specialist.

Paul Byrne, Group Chairman, CEO and majority shareholder, advises the group is set to manage over £25m of GWP in 2020, creating brokerage revenues in excess of £6.5m. “We have some amazing plans on how we are going to manage our insurance performance to reach our potential, and in my 20 years of being an entrepreneur in the insurance industry, this is without doubt, the most exciting project I’ve been involved with”, says Paul.

The groups, which previously had common shareholders, will pool resources and capital to develop the businesses, which includes establishing a shared group services division.

Finance, HR, compliance, IT, quality control and binder management performance are services that will be provided to all group companies by a centralised team, headed up by Donna Sweetman, who will be stepping down as the Managing Director of Alpha Underwriting to take on the new role.

As a result of Donna’s internal move to become Managing Director of Tedaisy’s Group Services, Tedaisy seeks to appoint an ambitious candidate to fill the MD position and drive Alpha forward. Paul Byrne will remain as Group Chairman and CEO. In the meantime, Donna and Paul will continue to oversee the Alpha business. Paul comments “We are always on the lookout for exciting people to join our existing talented workforce and Tedaisy is going to be a great place to be over the coming years.”

Donna Sweetman, MD of Tedaisy Group Services says, “I have enjoyed my time as MD of Alpha, but this new Group Services role was too exciting an opportunity for me to turn down! I will use my 25+ years of insurance experience to lead my team in providing excellent services to the group companies to give them the best possible chance of exceeding their goals. Together, as a team, we will all work to make sure the Group achieves and excels in everything we do.”

Natalie Surtees, MD of Intrinsia Brokers commented, “Our brand Perfect Pet is going from strength to strength, attracting circa 3,000 new customers every month. We are now in the process of hiring quality key staff in operations and marketing and IT, to make sure our infrastructure keeps pace with our growth. These new hires enable me to concentrate more on growing the business and developing new and exciting opportunities.”

Natasha Reynolds, MD of Practice Cover says, “I am the newest member of the senior management team, only having joined in December 2018. The growth, the plans and the excitement I have seen in this relatively short period has blown me away and I am so excited to be part of this journey. Bringing the group together enables me to concentrate more on the growth of my part of the business, knowing that our core services are being looked after centrally.”

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RNA Analytics successfully completes IFRS 17 Orange Life Insurance Project

Reigate, October UK – 2019

Most Korean insurers are already implementing IFRS 17 systems but many are struggling in a number of areas. The most difficult part of the IFRS 17 implementation for Korean insurers is the construction of the cash flow engine because performing complex calculations on a regular and timely basis is almost impossible with most existing actuarial solutions.

The complexity of the calculations combined with the desired granularity of results has meant many insurers with their existing actuarial solutions having to invest, at a huge cost, in high specification hardware in order to produce their IFRS 17 results in their required timeframe.

Already aware of the difficulties of deploying an enterprise level IFRS 17 solution, RNA Analytics’ software development and actuarial consulting teams have been working for several years analyzing all the requirements for IFRS 17 to spearhead large-scale developments in R³S, RNA Analytics’ actuarial modeling solution, that implement the new features required to meet client requirements.

Almost all the requirements needed by IFRS 17, from the calculation of new accounting concepts such as the risk adjustment and contractual service margin, to the most complex modeling of Korean insurance products as well as the linkage with reinsurance, various embedded option value calculations, new payment plans, dynamic decision-making, and large database processing functions were considered when designing the new features. The most recent developments in the R³S software have enabled insurers to optimize the structure of their models, thereby dramatically reducing the cost of hardware, while still meeting the new requirements.

In particular, the IFRS 17 implementation project at Orange Life, is considered to be the most successful project in the industry. Almost all of the requirements had already been implemented in the R³S solution as a result of previous IFRS 17 project implementations. The K-Insurance Capital Standard (K-ICS) and dynamic ALM models were also built in R³S to implement an enterprise-wide business model within Orange Life.

With the new functionality within the software, users have the ability to directly load large result sets into databases such as Oracle. This removes the requirement to purchase additional ETL software and reduces the storage space required as results do not need to be staged prior to being loaded into the reporting system. This results in the establishment of a highly efficient and automated system from a ROI perspective.

“Through this project, we were able to proactively respond to system changes such as IFRS 17, and establish a systematic basis for conducting an actuarial valuation and strategic analysisSeokho Woo, Managing Director – Orange Life.

“As a result of this project, Orange Life has built the industry-leading actuarial infrastructure system to provide timely settlement reports and various company reports. Thus providing a foundation for rapid response to the accounting and regulatory requirements of IFRS 17, in addition supporting management decisions and responding to changes in management processes required under the new accounting systemHarry Kim, CEO – RNA Analytics.

About RNA Analytics
RNA Analytics is a company formed around a product team that has been working together for over 20 years. RNA Analytics offers insurance firms a comprehensive actuarial modeling solution that provides essential risk and regulatory metrics to help meet the needs of an existing global client base. This solution supports the modeling of insurance portfolios across a spectrum of risk-based regulatory regimes such as Solvency II and IFRS. It helps meet the business needs of insurers for more realistic and complex modeling to enable critical risk-informed decision support for growth.

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Why do my barbers need a specific insurance policy?

Although a barbershop could be classified as a male hair salon, it may not cover everything that a barber may require in order to satisfy their clients. Historically, a barber shop actually held dentistry appointments in their chairs, though that certainly would no longer be covered in a normal appointment! It is best to look into insurance that fully covers all areas of male grooming. This list will assist you in understanding this.

Professional Liability

As a barber, it is very normal that you will have regular customers that will come in for a normal cut and buzz, though there are others that might need more specific treatments like chemical hair and scalp treatments. However, some of these clients may not be entirely satisfied with their treatment or haircuts, which is why it is important to have Barbers Insurance to avoid any financial difficulties. This means that if any problems occur with the client, say that an injury occurred due to hair shaving, or your aftershave may have caused an allergic reaction, you have a defence against being sued. Professional Liability can also pay for any medical expenses for the client, court feels and even for the cost of your judicial defence in court.

You can even extend this by looking into “Treatment Risk Extension”, meaning that you would be covered for any injury or accusation of injury from the client.

Product Liability

Imagine if your equipment was to malfunction whilst you were on the job, such as if your electric razor was to become tangled in a beard and caused damage. With Product Liability insurance, if the customer sues because of emotional trauma, physical trauma or an allergic reaction to a product you use, you can be covered from any financial damages. Whilst you do want to inspire loyalty in your clients, you must make sure that you have the insurance to prevent any financial strain on the business. If all else fails, you can try to win back their loyalty with a discount or free trip to your shop to make it up to them.

Worker Compensation

In the barbers’ trade there are all sorts of dangers that could cause injury to your workers, as well as your clients. Say for instance, your worker fell down and broke their arm due to a spillage on the floor, then the worker’s medical costs and compensation would be covered so they can take the time off to recover. It is important that your clientele see that your workers are being treated with respect, so be sure to give them to time off that they need if they get hurt.

Small Businesses are Targets

Be careful that your insurance does contain payment for any vandalism or theft, for instance in regard to any broken windows, fire break-outs or flooding. Many thieves may think that small businesses may not be insured or easy to break into because of their size. Try not to let yours be the next target.